Café Mojo – Launch

Yeh dil maange Mo…jo ?

Want to experience Goa ? Then head to Bangalore … for Café Mojo the newest Pub and Bistro, brings you Goa encapsulated in a pub.


With a dazzling launch party replete with some Goan food and music … and of course a free flowing bar and beer on tap, this was where the action was on Nov 25,2016.
Some amazing prawns and fish, completed the coastal dream !!!

Special mention must be made of the staff, especially Rocky, Sanjay and Titan (I think … could not hear his name above the booming Goan baila music  ) Outstanding service and attention to orders despite a really huge turnout … which included me and my 3 winners of the contest ( Siraj HameedSusmita Nanda Dash Siddharth Watwe) that I conducted on my wall on behalf of Cafe Mojo and Manjuu Rangarajan!!!

For more pictures see My Facebook – Café Mojo-Launch

Nov 25,2016

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