Fava – World Tapas Day

If you were under the impression that you had to undergo Ghor Tapas* to enjoy Ghor’geous Tapas, then remain mistaken no more !!!
For our fava’rite Mediterranean restaurant Fava, in association with the Tourism of
Spain, celebrates World Tapas Day … for not just a day but for a whole week.

Tapas are a variety of small, savory snacks and finger foods, typically served in Spain with wine and drinks. Spain is observing this day on June 15th,2017.

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We experienced a tasting session of Tapas curated by guest Chef Alejandro Espinosa Silva of Spain and Chef Abhijit Saha of Fava. Chef Alejandro (pronounced Alehandro) runs the award winning restaurant called El Patio del Catedral in Segovia, Spain. Meaning – the Courtyard of the Cathedral, this quaint place that is situated near the church, is quite popular in the region.


Torres wines imported from Spain in Reds and Whites and their respective Sangrias, escorted our tapas at the tables.


We began with the light and airy vegetarian Potato Bombs stuffed with golden corn and served with salsa brava, a spicy tomato sauce. Not all that spicy to the Indian tongue, we needed not much Brava’do to finish this up !!!
This was followed by the stuffed Roast Pepper with a delightfully fresh mushroom and herb filling.


The mini pizza like Crusty Valencian Bread with a topping of cheese, roast aubergine, onion, zucchini and cherry, was next and finally the vegetarian line up ended with the crispy and light Asparagus and Spring Onion Tempura, Catalan style with citrus sauce and foam, served in tiny glasses.

Coming to the non vegetarian, the irresistible grilled Roasted lamb chops marinated with fresh herbs, were outstanding.

Fish and other seafood make for very good tapas and we sampled the Lemon and garlic marinated Grilled Mackerel fillets served with migas (a mixture of bread crumbs).

Of course there is no excitement without prawns and no prizes for guessing that the addictive Chilli Garlic king prawns seared in olive oil, were my favorite for the evening. Ok I totally ignored the accompanying cherry tomato and tiny cubes of beet but don’t tell the chef that
Having learnt Spanish some years ago, I find myself at an advantage when in Spanish company. And though I have forgotten most of it, it is not such a big drawback for me because I have made it a point to remember some life saving words !!! One of these is Gambas, which means prawns (yes my life depends on them). So muttering Gambas multiple times while nodding importantly at the Chef, got me a few extra helpings  

Since I do not eat egg, I gave a miss to the Deconstructed Spanish omelette made from organic eggs and served with potato and onion espuma, crispy leeks, romesco sauce and truffle oil.

Dessert was in keeping with the flavor of our season, our much loved mango.
We had the Deconstructed mango crema Catalana which was a Catalan style light and foamy caramel flan espuma served with fresh mango cubes and topped with a spun sugar cage.


The festival is on from June 15th-24th. Get there soon and do not allow the date ta’pass by without trying them !!!

*Ghor tapas – extreme penance (for those who don’t understand spanish  )

Jun 16th, 2017

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