Blog date – Oct 23, 2008 (and edited many times thence)

Hi I am Caroline Radhakrishnan from Bangalore, India (now known as Bengaluru). You can call me Carol or Caroline but those who call me Caro will be completely out of Line 😛

Apart from possessing an exasperating habit of playing with words (case in point – the previous sentence), I am also an engineer by ‘degree’, though the only degrees I actually care about are the ones on my oven!!! A passionate baker and dedicated baking instructor, an intrepid traveller, an incorrigible punner, an ardent foodie and also a user of an undue number of Ellipses … there you go, that’s me !!!

I am as enthusiastic about creating new recipes with unusual ingredients, as I am about clinging onto the old and the traditional and I believe strongly in preserving and documenting recipes and other information on foods that are in danger of being forgotten. I also nurture a great desire to be a writer, though currently my skills are limited to an occasional indulgence in limericks and nonsense verse and punning.

I am a Mangalorean married to a Tamilian Iyer. I have 2 sons for whom I stayed at home all these years. My romance with cooking began after getting married. Before that, I thought it was the Stork that brought food to the table!!! With the help of cookbooks and recipes and friends and mothers in law (sorry, that would be  singular), I developed my cooking interests and hopefully skills.

My obsession with baking began many years later when a good friend introduced me to the art by very generously giving me live demonstrations at her home. Obsession would be the right word because I think, breathe, live and sleep baking. Does that sound crazy? Good crazy I hope!!!

In the recent years, I have tried to be more aware of ‘Healthier’ Baking (and cooking), mostly goaded on by my strangely health conscious sons 😀 And despite hubby’s protests that ‘Too much Health food is not good for health’ (yeah let’s say he was joking *eyeroll*), I try to do my best to substitute good for bad. I mean the ingredients … not the hubby!!!

I also like making people smile and I think it is very important to have a sense of humor. Humor is a lot like food because it binds people together. I also tend to play with words and punning comes naturally (and aggravatingly) to me. I am entering the blogosphere very late. I see years of effort already put in and a mind b(l)oggling array of information and recipes by the experts.

I did start this blog years 8 ago on my birthday, the 23rd of October 2008, as a gift to myself (that I would not have to exchange) and also because I wanted my blog’baby to share the same birthday as mine (yes I am sentimental like that … or maybe just mental ?)

I suppose the time was just not right though for I never did succeed in making it come alive. On June 20th, 2016, my younger son turned 18 and also left for college and I wanted this Major change in my life to signify a new and true birth for me and hence I wished to make that moment the right one, for both myself and my blog to re-enter this world.

But again, life got in the way and the blog stayed barren, making me realize that I cannot wait for significant dates or auspicious moments, to trigger my dreams and one has to just take the plunge, regardless.

Luckily for me, my birthday has come my way yet again (what are the chances 😀 ) on 23 Oct, 2016 and this time I must submit myself to the opportunity that has been patiently knocking at my keyboard, very generously for the third time.

So with a whole lot of encouragement from my blogging friends, I have decided to step into this realm once more and I hope to add to the love and the recipes that exist in this seamless, borderless world that transcends all geography and cultures and tongues and tastes, such that it leaves me astounded and breathless with awe. So with my dreams and your good wishes, I come with fingers crossed, hoping that my blog may be at least half as interesting as my introduction.
Ironically that was an attempt at humility 😀

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