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Waghoba Eco Lodge – Cuisine

Wearing Warli while wholeheartedly wolfing a wonderful Waradhi thali at the Waghoba Eco Lodge. I am sure you will excuse this wild effort at alliteration (and also the use of W instead of V for Varadhi 😉), after you see … Continue reading

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Foxtail Millet Upma

The world feels alien and miserable nowadays, so today I will take you back a bit in time, just for the comfort that the old memories offer. Once upon a time, short short ago (this is how fairy tales and … Continue reading

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Wholegrain Beet Pasta

Tomorrow April 15th was supposed to be the last day of the Corona lockdown. Of course it was pretty much understood that the confinement would continue, so it was no big shock to hear our Prime Minister directing us to … Continue reading

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Ragi Milk Bread – Vegan

Well it is Lockdown day 12 I guess, of the Corona era and in between actually baking and cooking, I also thankfully discovered recipes that I had created earlier for the Kitchen Aid Stand mixer brand. So what better time … Continue reading

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Organics Millets International Trade Fair 2019 – OMITF 2019 – Day 3

The Organics and Millets International Trade Fair 2019 (OMITF2019) scheduled for Jan 18th-20th, 2019, was held at the Tripuravasini Gate, at the Bangalore Palace grounds. This post gives you glimpses of the grand finale on Day 3, Jan 20th, 9.30am … Continue reading

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