Bangalore Pizza Company

As you would have seen in my earlier post on HakkaChow  I have spoken about the food and beverage industry which has now turned to keeping itself thriving via the system of home delivery, after being gravely wounded by the pandemic.

HakkaChow is a part of the portfolio of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure, which is launching a series of cuisines providing dine at home experiences that are user-friendly, delicious, follow safety protocols and yet manage to be pocket friendly.

Also, as mentioned in that post, I had given a spoiler alert to their other upcoming brands namely the Bangalore Pizza Company, the Tex Mex brand called Mad Mex and our very own North Indian fare under the name Garam Masala.

HakkaChow heralded the parade, followed by the Bangalore Pizza Company and today it is the turn of the pizza to bathe in my blog’s limelight 😀

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Sourdough Blue Pea and Hibiscus loaf

My constant and not very satisfactory endeavor to obtain natural coloring in my breads, has always led me on the hunt for no fail ingredients.

One such item is the Blue pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) which seems to be favoring everyone else with great results in their bakes and I have been in hot pursuit of this, in the hope that it will not let me down like many other ingredients have. For some unknown reason though, I have hitherto not been successful in managing to get hold of these flowers, though they are said to be quite accessible online etc.

Well out of the blue (no pun intended :-D), I was thrilled to receive a gift of these dried flowers along with a box of dried Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) flowers too, from my friend Akshay Luthria who runs the popular restaurant Street Storyss in Bangalore, India. We both also happened to visit a friend’s farm that same day and coincidentally she had the fresh blue pea flowers growing wild and also the regular large hibiscus flowers (Hibiscus rosa-sinensiswhich impart a deep red color just like the roselle.

Well after yearning for these for years, my desires seemed to have suddenly been fulfilled and in such abundance at that 😀

As we say in Hindi – Bhagwan jab deta hai tho chappad phaadke deta hai, which can be loosely translated as – When God decides to give you what you desire, he tears open the skies and showers you 😀

So let me now tear open my gifts and armed with my treasures, I will set out to attempt yet another of my sourdough (SD) loaves.

Did I succeed or did my ‘color jinx’ continue? Or did I get a ‘umm sort of satisfactory’ in between kind of result? Well let us read on to find out.

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Watermelon Pizza Salad

By now you probably know that I have this habit of suddenly fixating on a type of dish and then creating a flurry of variants while the ‘josh’ (enthusiasm) lasts.

The previous Pomelo salad post reminded me of another salad that I had put together a few weeks ago when it was raining watermelons here. And just like the pomelo salad, this one is also ridiculously easy while looking terribly important and exotic 😀

While on the subject of watermelons, I must tell you that during this corona era, I have discovered the joys of using the hitherto discarded rind and those recipes are also straining at their tether, to be released on the blog and to be revealed to you. But let us keep those for another round of josh, for I really hate documenting recipes (psst do not tell anyone I said that) and it takes a lot of self goading to sit and write them down 😎

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Pomelo Salad

In between rapid bouts of Sourdough, discoveries of new fruits and the frequent home delivery restaurant review, I occasionally also manage to make time for simple recipes which I then take ages to post because the queue is long and more important sounding recipes are trying to get priority 😀

However, a couple of clever salads are trying to slip past to the top of the line and make themselves seen on the blog. The first one to succeed is my Pomelo salad which is so easy and yet rather unusual and if you wait and watch patiently, you will see why. You can also cheat and google Veppilai katti 😀

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Pomelo – Citrus Maxima

After embarking on writing about various interesting fruits heralded by my blog on the Tender Palmyra Fruit – Borassus Flabellifer , we will move onto another cannon ball like gentle giant, which most Indians are familiar with.

The pomelo is a commonly found fruit in India and is quite a fascinating one which manages to find takers despite it tart and bitter sweet flesh.

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