House of Troy – Restaurant Review

It’s not All Greek!

House of Troy – Mediterranean and Greek restaurant.

Sail off into the blue, whilst in the heart of Bangalore and drown your blues in the House of Troy, Bangalore’s latest addition that transports you to the warm and sunny climes of the Mediterranean and brings to you the refreshing and robust cuisine from that region of the world, where every day seems like a beach holiday.

Embark on an invasion of Troy as you enter its cool white environs and prepare to battle with yourself, as you decide what to choose from its exciting menu where every item vies for attention and leaves you wanting them all!

With dishes that are sure winners, victory is yours for sure and this is a war that you will come back to wage repeatedly.

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Unchiwali Chai aka High Tea

So what is a non tea (or coffee) drinker like me doing, attending Tea related events?

Well that is the power of an attractive label … ‘Unchiwali Chai’ that translates to High Tea, was Label love at first sight for me 😀

Added to that, the elegance and affability of Smita Agrawal of The Shef Society, who is the brains behind the concept, also made it quite appealing for me.

Smita had been inviting me for a long time and my crazy schedule had always played the bad guy. But I eventually did manage to make up my mind and fortuitously so, since the venue also featured principles that were close to my heart (and palate), ‘Go Native’ being a place that serves indigenous foods with a leaning towards sustainability.

So join me at Palate Anthology, the name given to her latest event and come and say Chai’eers as I docilely follow Smita’s instructions on how to sip tea. Yeah she does not take No for an answer 😀

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Sriracha Robata – Restaurant Review

Does your tongue tingle and your palate pique in anticipation, when you think of Asian food? Then Sriracha Robata & Contemporary Pan Asian Dining is where you will find your nirvana, in an experience that promises to go beyond the realms of ubiquitous Asian cuisine as we know it. And if you think that the name is unduly long, then you should see the menu!!!

Though the restaurant is around 6 months old, I had not been able to make the time to visit and one of my first resolutions of 2020 was to tick that off my list (see, those are the kind of resolutions that actually work). So on one fine, crisp January day, I accepted the invitation of Chef Vikas Seth, of the famed Sriracha and Sanchez restaurants, who is also a good friend and knows exactly what sets off my taste buds into a happy dance.

Sriracha Robata does not merely bring you dishes from the thrilling cuisines of several Asian nations but this restaurant also goes a step deeper and delves into lesser known fare that the ever experimental Bangalore foodie is guaranteed to joyfully embrace.

Set foot into its elegant environs and allow yourself to be blown away into an Asian paradise where you will wish to live happily ever after and never ever leave.

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C-SOF – Organic farm by ICCOA

A little calf sticks out her tiny tongue at me in welcome, as I enter the gates of the C-SOF farm. She is only 6 days old and has not had sufficient time to learn either her manners or the fear of strangers 😀 She gently nuzzles my hand as I get close to click her picture. Her large eyes and delicate face make her seem more deer like than bovine and I promptly name her Bambi.

It is the harvest festival of Pongal and I could not have chosen a better day to visit an agricultural region, for what can be more auspicious than fortuitously celebrating the occasion deep within the folds of rural India, in the lap of the soil that gives birth to the food that we eat, amidst fields of vegetables and paddy and literally from the root of where it all begins.

Being passionate about ethical and sustainable farming, my enthusiasm today is twofold because apart from being an exemplary organic farm, the C-SOF is also the initiative of the reputed International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), which is India’s leading networking organization in organic agriculture, an organization that has been a game changer in the field (pun intended).

The name C-SOF is the abbreviation for Center for Sustainable & Organic Farming. It is being established to serve as a model to demonstrate organic farming practices, as well as to generate and supply organic produce to consumers. It will also make available hands-on experiences to people from the city, who can visit and participate in its various day to day activities (eg. weekend farmers program or adopt an organic plot for a season, etc).

The C-SOF farm is nestled deep within the verdant countryside of the village of Kolatti which lies in the Denkanikottai taluk of the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, India.

Feel the excitement as you step inside with me and let us explore together, what it has in store for us.

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Street Storyss – Restaurant Review

How does one savor the flavor of a place? Right from its streets of course. Alleys and pathways that serve fare that symbolize its soul, more than any of its fine dining restaurants could. Food that carries with it tales of history and heritage and transports to you the essence of the land.

So listen to the stories that have been brought to you by management professional turned restaurateur Akshay Luthria and his mother Vandana Luthria, whose love for food led them to opening a restaurant of their own, where they now bestow upon Bangalore’s palate, treats from various streets that dot the globe, including of course some favorites from our very own tapestry of Indian ‘khana’.

I know you cannot wait to discover what they have in store for us, so let us step inside and peep.

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