Sanchez –

While Mexican would not normally be my choice of go to cuisine since my leanings are more towards Pan Asian, I did however take the plunge during a long overdue meeting with Chef Vikas Seth. Chef Vikas is the passion behind Sanchez, which is his Mexican baby that interestingly resides alongside its Pan Asian sibling Sriracha, which is also a work of art by the chef.

So join me on this colorful meal as the prettiest of foods paraded on my table and made me feel definitely kindlier to the cuisine that I had hitherto ignored in my life 😀

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Farm Made Foods – Free Range Eggs

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a free range egg farm and if you are likewise prone to delight at the thought of ethical, humane, healthy and sustainable rearing practices, then you too will find this story very comforting and appealing.

And as an added bonus, I am going to spare you from the cliched egg puns, eggcellent as they may be 😀

So flap over to Farm Made Foods with me, deep within the district of Coimbatore that lies in the Kongunadu region of the state of Tamil Nadu, India and meet Raam Mohan and his chicks.

Raam is the visionary behind this free range farm which is a refreshing change from the regular cramped caged farms. This place is a haven for its resident poultry that thrive in its vast environs and lay happy, healthy, farm made eggs that you are going to fall in love with, just as I did.


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Garuda Farm – Savi Mango Trail – Episode 2


So last year in June 2018, I had visited the bounteous mango orchards at Savi Farms in the Kolar district of Karnataka, India.

They conduct a mango trail here every season, which is a fun filled activity where one gets to learn a lot about the fruit as well as pluck and gather them into baskets.

I was happy to visit them again this year and my experience was equally delightful.

All the details are on my earlier post but enjoy the new visuals and be tempted … be very tempted to rush over and sign up before the season ends 😀

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CEO Club Awards – Randstad India at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

They –

They poured in from many lands, with one destination in mind. They were the winners who had been handpicked for exemplary performances in their tasks. They arrived along with their able leader, their CEO, the man who inspired them to give their best.

She –

She stood in regal splendor in the midst of the lake to welcome them with open arms. She was the palace that was waiting to welcome them into her bosom. They sailed up to her shores, they climbed her fleet of steps. She had laid out the red carpet for them. She showered rose petals from up above as they entered her royal precincts. She greeted them with folded hands and a smear of vermilion on their foreheads.

Them –

In the background, another group worked silently and seamlessly like little elves, magically stitching the 2 together as they prepared the setting for the winners to be serenaded by the pleasures of the palace.

The magic –

And the next 2 days witnessed a tapestry of events, a symphony of luxury, a rewarding of excellence with the synergy of the above trio, resulting in an exciting melange of the blending of stellar performers, an exquisite destination and the exceptional people who put it all together.

Welcome to the CEO club awards trip from Randstad India, and come with me as I showcase the gala where they felicitated their finest people at the uber luxurious palatial venue of the Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, at an event orchestrated by the ace team of Travel Unbounded, the brains behind the coordination of this notable affair.

Udaipur, the land of the MahaRanas, the warrior kings, where the victors of Randstad became MahaRana’stads for a day !!!

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Taj Lake Palace – Udaipur

Rising out of the Lake Pichola in all her sedate glory, stands the pristine Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur. An erstwhile palace built by the Maharanas of Udaipur, she continues to maintain her regal demeanor and form, even as she dons the mantle of a hotel that plays host to innumerable guests from the world over, who arrive at her pier to be pampered regally, much like the royals who resided there in the days of yore.

I had the exquisite pleasure of sojourning in her stately environs albeit for a very short duration of a day and a half.

I was a part of an event organized by Travel Unbounded, a brand that curates unique experiences for their clients and hence I did not have the time to exclusively explore the hotel.

However, my thoughts and experiences during this short stay, are narrated here for your vicarious pleasure 😀 and I hope that you will enjoy this brief tale.

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