NH7 Refuel – Highway Restaurant

How do you like your freedom? Well I like it with a dash of Sarson ka saag and Makai di roti please.

When Carol cannot go to the Highway, then the Highway comes to Carol … old jungle saying.

Well as we all know, life has changed drastically in the last few months and there is really not much to smile about (hence the lame jokes 😎)

For someone like me, whose wheels and wings have been retracted and folded away, the highway seems like a distant dream.

Well apparently the outdoors misses me as much as I miss it, for it visited me in the form of a delicious and rustic Dhaba’esque spread, so evocative of all that fresh air and smoky flavor (ignore the oxymoronic sentence) that I have been missing in the sourdough laden atmosphere of my 4 walls at home.

NH7 Refuel is a fine dine restaurant on … guess where 😀 … the NH7 highway (but of course). This is near Devanahalli a mere 10 minute drive from the airport and though I have not had the pleasure of visiting it ever, this package that arrived for me via my friend Sheetal C, made me research it further.

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Qmin – Home Delivery from Taj Hotels

Well, all those who know me, know of my fondness for the Taj group of hotels, where I have had the pleasure and honor of experiencing the ‘Tajness’ on many an occasion.

Moving with the Corona times and considering the hurdles that their loyal clientele is facing regarding dining out in the carefree manner of the ‘good ol days’, they now strive to give you that experience in the comfort of your own home.

Qmin is their latest venture which provides an end to end solution to bring to you the Taj@home experience with the assurance of their high Taj standards.

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Sourdough Matcha Loaf with Buttermilk

Those of you who have seen my earlier Sourdough Matcha loaf will remember its gorgeous and colorful pattern, which made me do the happy dance. Somehow natural colors and me do not have a joyful history, with most of the colors fading on baking or application of heat.

The Assamese matcha tea powder that I had recently obtained from a friend, was likewise not a very deep green but did lend a grey green kind of hue to the bread, which was better than nothing of course. And coupled with the trustworthy and fail proof turmeric, it actually created a sufficiently eye catching pattern.

An excess of buttermilk from my weekly churning, made me want to repeat the experiment by replacing the water in the earlier recipe.

So this Sourdough (SD) Buttermilk braided bread loaf is the result of that trial. Hardly different from its ‘mother’ recipe, it nevertheless warrants a blog post of its own, so that I can keep the instructions exclusive to this bread and make it easier for those who want to try it out.

And more importantly, this time I have clicked step by step pictures of the process, since I failed to do so with the earlier bread.

Isn’t she pretty?

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Pink Pitaya Jelly – Dessert

Natural food colors … the ingredients that make me go 😍😍😍 Colors can enhance the most ordinary of desserts and make them look stunningly exotic. I have always loved playing with natural food hues and while I have had mixed results while baking or subjecting them to heat, one space where they do not fail is the area of chilled desserts.

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, during this corona wave, we have been fortunate to have several farmer organizations and other fruit suppliers coming directly to our doorstep with varieties of fruits and vegetables.

And after ploughing my way through truck loads of avocados, mangoes, mangosteen and other delicious produce, it was finally the turn of the brilliantly colored Pink Pitaya, also known as the Pink Dragon fruit, to become a victim of my palate and imagination.

So Enter the Dragon as I unleash some of that fiery creativity that I never knew I had, till corona burnt my world down 😎 … and ta da, we have the multi layered Pink Pitaya Jelly or Panna Cotta or chilled dessert or the WhateverYouWantToCallit!!!

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Sourdough Buttermilk Cake Wholegrain

After slaying everyone at home with a slew of sourdough breads, I thought it was time to continue the harassment but in a sweeter form 😎

Sourdough (SD) baking has bitten me hard (I hope you have been following the saga) and I have great aspirations of using it in traditional as well as unusual ways. While SD cakes are not uncommon, this Buttermilk cake is the first non bread, non cracker recipe using SD, which I am documenting here.

But I must tell you that I have also ventured into far more exciting things and this is just a precursor to a whole lot of other upcoming SD surprises in future. You will see them in the days to come, provided of course, you are very very good and you subscribe to and follow my blog diligently 😀 Do it … you will not regret it.

Now let us move on to our cake. Do not be underwhelmed by its appearance, for though my cake may not win prizes in the aesthetics department, it has turned out to be quite wonderful where taste and texture are concerned.

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