Happy Healthy Me – Millet Month

Happy Healthy Me is a store run by 2 enthusiastic ladies, Namu Kini and Misha Gill, who put their money (or products in this case) where their mouth is and have personally worked towards getting Healthy by changing their lifestyles and diets And they certainly are Happy too 😀
Retailing and using certified organic products andadvocating a return to ancient grains like locally sourced millets, is their key to triumph.
Just a year old in the business, they are surging ahead with events, classes, workshops and such like.

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First Agro farm with Ritz-Carlton Bangalore

If you have read my previous post, you will know that Chef Victor Scargle from the Napa Valley, California, is in town and is creating a special Farm to Fork event at the Ritz-Carlton Bangalore

Well today, Gargi and Chef Anupam of the Ritz, pulled off a Fork to Farm 😀 when they invited the chef and a few of us to visit an actual organic farm.

First Agro farms by the brothers Nameet and Naveen, is well known in Bangalore as a  space dedicated to growing fresh, clean and nutritious produce that is pesticide free and I had been trying to accept naveen’s invitation for over 2 years 😀 Thanks to team Ritz-Carlton, I finally made it there.

This 120 acre farm is 120 km from Bangalore and takes about 3 hours to reach.

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Ritz-Carlton Bangalore – Many worlds collide

Ritz-Carlton Bangalore brings us Many Worlds Collide, a gastronomical fest crafted by
Chef Victor Scargle from Napa Valley California, the destination for great wine and food. He is the Culinary Director of Boisset Collection, which is a family-owned selection of historic, unique and authentic wineries.

Chef Victor who is an advocate of the Farm to Fork concept, literally gets to the root of his craft as he works with his hands in the soil. He is of the firm belief that one should be aware of how and where one’s food has begun its journey from, from the time it has been planted and until it is set on the plate.

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Monkey Bar – One Bowl Winter

Be prepared to be Bowl’ed over as Monkey Bar, our favorite gastropub, is helping Bangalore (and New Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta) celebrate winter with their One Bowl Winter’ promotion.

Of course the Bangalore November has so far been a No’winter rather than a Now’winter but shussh, no one needs to tell them that !!!

The concept of this food fest is to take one back on a nostalgic trip to old memories of familiar foods, enjoyed with families in the cozy environs of home.

12 hearty one bowl meals offer a blend of food and emotions and the good people at Monkey bar urge us to – ‘sometimes just eat your feelings’. This of course poses no problem for us foodies, since … well we are willing to eat anything 😀

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The Gateway Hotel – Aquafest

Aquafest as the name suggests, is the celebration of the produce of the water and is an annual feature that showcases an abundance of seafood on the special menu, at the Karavalli restaurant at The Gateway Hotel

This is a tradition of sorts, that has been going on for the last 26 years, ably orchestrated by the executive Chef Naren Thimmiah, who has commendably been with the hotel for the same period of time.

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