Mad Mex – Home Delivery

As promised in the posts on Hakka Chow and Bangalore Pizza Company, we are now proceeding on the culinary home delivery trail with the next stop at Mad Mex.

This varied range of cuisines, is making our sordid corona bound lives very exciting and for this we are grateful to Chef Vikas of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure.

Chef Vikas is a good friend of mine and is a highly talented chef who has over two decades of work experience. He is well travelled and has journeyed across some of the best culinary capitals of the world with a prolonged stint in Mexico, which makes him one of the best people to showcase Mexican cuisine in Bangalore.

He has been the brains behind the iconic Sanchez restaurant and now brings us Mexico on a plate in a home delivery format via the new entrant called Mad Mex. So if you are Mad about Mex, then this is where you get your fix 😀

(And as an aside, after this do wait for the final cuisine in the ‘quad-rology’ which is the Garam Masala brand serving our very own Indian!!!)

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Noni fruit – Morinda Citrifolia

Fancy eating something that is also referred to as the Puke fruit? Well when you are told that it is also called the miracle fruit due to its numerous properties that are beneficial to health, then you may feel a bit more benevolent towards it 😀

I had heard about the noni and its various value added avatars that are sold in the form of juices, powder, capsules etc but I had never seen the actual fruit.

Well I had finally had the pleasure of coming across the noni tree, on a recent visit to Chiguru farm owned by Raghavendra (Raghu) on the outskirts of Bangalore where he has cultivated some really wonderful species of fruits, vegetables, herbs and many other unusual medicinal plants and trees.

So here is one more rare fruit or as I like to say in my pretend Spanish, some Frutas Raras to enhance my newly started series on unusual produce 😀 Check out the rest in this section on Fruits and Vegetables.

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How To – Cook Quinoa

The How To series was to have kick started years ago when I first made the blog. It took many moons and a pandemic to finally get it off the runway, probably because the runways are currently much freer due to reduced flights nowadays 😎😏 Sorry for the extremely lame joke but it really helps me start my writing 😀

So I will debut with a ‘How to cook Quinoa’ post and hopefully gather momentum to post all my earlier ideas in rapid succession.

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Wholegrain Apple Muffins with Berries


Sometime in June 2020, I had gone on a muffin spree, triggered by the sudden unearthing of my muffin pan that been neglected, just like my pre corona baking.

While I had planned to make most use of the freshly excavated tool, my multitasking nature got the better of me and I bounced away onto other bakes that you can see on the blog since June.

Recently towards the end of September, Kashmir apples started making an appearance and though we get imported apples through the year, I prefer buying our local seasonal produce as far as possible. So the first apples of the season made their way into my shopping bag with great enthusiasm, only to take a back seat in the fridge, courtesy the aforementioned propensity to multitask and mix up priorities, until finally their bleak stares got to my conscience and set the ideas rolling in my head.

I chose not to eat them directly but make something meaningful of their lives 😎 and the simplest and quickest of all the things that I could think of, were these muffins. And if you are wondering why they are embedded with berries, you will have no other choice but to sit tight and read on.

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Bangalore Pizza Company

As you would have seen in my earlier post on HakkaChow  I have spoken about the food and beverage industry which has now turned to keeping itself thriving via the system of home delivery, after being gravely wounded by the pandemic.

HakkaChow is a part of the portfolio of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure, which is launching a series of cuisines providing dine at home experiences that are user-friendly, delicious, follow safety protocols and yet manage to be pocket friendly.

Also, as mentioned in that post, I had given a spoiler alert to their other upcoming brands namely the Bangalore Pizza Company, the Tex Mex brand called Mad Mex and our very own North Indian fare under the name Garam Masala.

HakkaChow heralded the parade, followed by the Bangalore Pizza Company and today it is the turn of the pizza to bathe in my blog’s limelight 😀

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