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Cowpea Chutney (Barbati Baata)

A few years ago I was invited to write about a dine in event organized by a group of people who were providing authentic, regional dining experiences in people’s homes. The concept was great because it opened up opportunities for … Continue reading

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Jamun Cake

The Jamun (Syzygium cumini) is a brilliant purple fruit that leaves an equally purple hue on the tongue. Also known as Indian Java plum, Jamblam, Zambla etc, this is a seasonal fruit which usually makes it appearance during Indian summer … Continue reading

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Ripe Banana skin chutney

While I have never been a person to waste food, this year of lockdown has made me go even further and utilize the parts of fruits and vegetables which what one would normally consider as waste.  You can see some … Continue reading

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Chiguru Farm – Experiences

In my life as a travel blogger, I have visited several resorts of varying sizes and a range of potential for tourism experiences but the relatively small and rustically simple 15 acre Chiguru farm blew me away with the sheer … Continue reading

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Noni fruit – Morinda Citrifolia

Fancy eating something that is also referred to as the Puke fruit? Well when you are told that it is also called the miracle fruit due to its numerous properties that are beneficial to health, then you may feel a … Continue reading

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