About this Blog (also my first post)

This blog, as I have mentioned in the ‘Me‘ section, is  meant to be a space for me to ramble on unchecked (Oh lucky readers), on matters that are of interest to me.

Since I don’t think I spoke sufficiently there (follow the tongue in cheek, people), I would like to write a bit more on what exactly I hope to achieve. I will elaborate in greater detail, as and when I figure out the rest myself.

Food certainly heads the list of things that hold my attention, closely followed by food related reviews/narrations, whether they are of restaurants or events or products or appliances. Ah yes I like to teach too and I hold classes that are again food based.

Likewise I am fascinated by other lands and my kind of travel is that with an emphasis on local foods, local produce, markets and cultures. Shopping for me would mean losing myself (not literally I would hope) in strange markets, buying exotic fruit, vegetables and condiments and not loitering in fancy malls and lusting after expensive jewelry (lucky is the husband) or branded ware. The disinterest does not extend to Kitchen ware of course 😀

Why Currylines ?

Well when one reawakens in the Blogosphere so late in the day, one usually finds all the meaningful names taken. Most puns done, many catchy phrases gone and much word play already in the game (my earlier name was Cookaholic and that I do not find cute any more)

So as I pondered deeply over what title to use, weighed down by the additional onus of my reputation as a ‘Word Player’ running a risk of being at stake :-O, my own name luckily came to the rescue and I picked Currylines to match Caroline’s Lines. Currylines, that fit well with my Indian identity (of which I am unduly proud of) and also Curry as in curry leaves, which is my favorite herb because of its amazing health benefits that particularly appeal to my lifestyle (more on that, elsewhere in the blog).

As for mere curry as in Curry, well that too. However I am not too much of a traditional cook and I really don’t think that you are going to see too many of those here.

Wait, don’t lose hope. I may oblige you if you ask really really nicely 😀

About Currylines

A food and travel enthusiast who plays with words
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  1. AL Pinto says:

    “If the teaser is this good, can see how good the movie is!”
    I feel this blog is gonna be the best I’ve read in a while!

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