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Noni fruit – Morinda Citrifolia

Fancy eating something that is also referred to as the Puke fruit? Well when you are told that it is also called the miracle fruit due to its numerous properties that are beneficial to health, then you may feel a … Continue reading

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How To – Cook Quinoa

The How To series was to have kick started years ago when I first made the blog. It took many moons and a pandemic to finally get it off the runway, probably because the runways are currently much freer due … Continue reading

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Sourdough Blue Pea and Hibiscus loaf

My constant and not very satisfactory endeavor to obtain natural coloring in my breads, has always led me on the hunt for no fail ingredients. One such item is the Blue pea flower (Clitoria ternatea) which seems to be favoring … Continue reading

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Watermelon Pizza Salad

By now you probably know that I have this habit of suddenly fixating on a type of dish and then creating a flurry of variants while the ‘josh’ (enthusiasm) lasts. The previous Pomelo salad post reminded me of another salad … Continue reading

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Pomelo Salad

In between rapid bouts of Sourdough, discoveries of new fruits and the frequent home delivery restaurant review, I occasionally also manage to make time for simple recipes which I then take ages to post because the queue is long and … Continue reading

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