Akshayakalpa and OMBC FB group – Online Recipe Contest 3

Healthy baking with Akshayakalpa dairy products – online contest 3, with Akshayakalpa  and the Ovenderful Mom Baking Community group on Facebook (OMBC) and www.currylines.com  

The theme of this Contest is Festive Bakes in keeping with the festive season.

Akshayakalpa and Currylines are happy to announce this exciting contest that will take place from Sunday Dec 11th to Monday Dec 26th, 2022 (a 2 week span), on the reputed platform offered by the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community Facebook group founded by Simran Oberoi Multani, which encourages baking using only non refined, healthy ingredients.

The purpose of this contest is to raise awareness among bakers about the benefits and availability of Akshayakalpa country eggs and dairy products, since health conscious people are on a constant look out for such valuable items.

About Akshayakalpa –

The blog gives a detailed insight into the processes at Akshayakalpa.

Some preliminary details of the contest –

This contest is open only to residents of cities where the product is available ie Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad (which is a new addition). The purchasing is to be done ONLY via the Akshayakalpa Organic Milk app. In case of any difficulty, please contact Arun – 9482100190 or 95354 81145/9535388122.

A maximum of 50 participants will be accepted, on a first come basis.

Participants will have to download the relevant Akshayakalpa Organic Milk app and buy the Akshayakalpa organic Eggs-1 pack (mandatory) and any other dairy products of their choice up to Rs 500 and use them in their contest entry (as per recipe). You can exceed the amount if you wish but only a maximum of Rs 500 will be refunded.

The products will be home delivered before the contest date so please order accordingly, which is ASAP 🙂 Akshayakalpa will need 1 day to complete the deliveries.

The Rs 500 will be refunded to all participants by online payment but only AFTER the contest entries have been submitted. Those who fail to submit any entry by the due date, will not be getting the refund.

Registrations will close on Thu Dec 9th, 2022 or when 50 people have confirmed, whichever is earlier.

Please do not cancel after registering because you will be depriving someone else of the opportunity.

Contest Details, Rules and Prizes –.

1 – The contestants should be residents of the cities Bangalore or Chennai or Hyderabad and should also be members of the Facebook group Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community and Akshayakalpa instagram /FB followers. Non members are welcome to join the group if they wish to participate and confirmations will only be accepted on the group.

2 – Participants will have to download the Akshayakalpa app and buy the dairy products of their choice upto Rs 500 and use them in their contest entry. They will then send the order screenshot to Akshaykalpa team (9535481145 or 7259177480) and the refund will be made on actuals upto a maximum of Rs 500. The refund will be made AFTER the submission of the recipe.

3 – Participants must submit a ‘healthy baking’ recipe of any kind, using the Akshayakalpa dairy products that they have purchased (keeping in mind the existing OMBC group rules, for eg No sugar and maida or other synthetic flavors and colors, etc).

Recipe must use the ingredients that they have bought. For this contest the theme is festive bakes in keeping with the season. So please use your imagination and come up with whatever version of festive that you can think of. Note – also no using plastic cutlery or props.

4 – The entries have to be posted on the OMBC group – in the relevant album only and tagging the Akshayakalpa team.

Admins will then transfer the entry to a parallel album in the Akshayakalpa Organic Milk FB page, which will be the final link to be sent to the judges. This is because Facebook gives permission only to admins, to post on page albums.

5 – Each contestant can submit a maximum of 2 entries. However please clearly indicate Serial Number on each recipe, even if submitting only 1 entry, eg Entry 1, Entry 2 – next to the recipe name.

6 – Please submit ONLY ONE picture per recipe and no collage. This picture should also include the original pack(s) with the Akshayakalpa label clearly visible.

Blog links are permitted in the caption, so further pictures can be showcased via your blog if needed.

7 – Everyone has to post Only One reel (for Instagram – less than 60 seconds), tagging and mentioning @Akshaykalpa and @currylines. Adding a story is optional. The reel can be posted anytime BEFORE the date of judging. Those who have no reel will be disqualified while judging.

8 –  Please Like/follow the Facebook page of Akshayakalpa  and Instagram of Akshayakalpa and Twitter of Akshayakalpa

Those who do not have Twitter account, may Like the FB page. Instagram is mandatory. Those who unfollow after the contest will be barred from future contests conducted by Currylines.

9 – Please Like the Facebook page Currylines. Also follow twitter @tweetcurrylines and Instagram @currylines

Those who do not have Twitter account, may Like the FB page. Instagram is mandatory. Those who unfollow after the contest will be barred from future contests conducted by Currylines.

10 – All entries should have the hashtags #akshayakalpa #countryeggs #organicmilk #healthycows #akshayakalpafarm #AKOMBCcontest3 #healthybaking #OMBC #currylines (please copy paste and do not retype, to avoid typos)

11 – The contest will run for 2 weeks from Sunday Dec 11th to Monday Dec 26th, 2022. Your entries should come in within that period. No entries will be accepted after midnight of Monday Dec 26th, 2022, IST.

12 – The winners will be announced on or before Sunday January 9th, 2023

The decisions of the judges will be final and binding. Entries that do not comply with any of the requirements mentioned above, will not qualify for being judged and no intimation will be sent to non qualifying participants.

In addition to the above, it will be appreciated, if the participants will share their entries with all relevant hashtags on their own FB accounts, their Instagram, their Twitter etc, wherever possible. This however, is not mandatory.

You may also share the video recording if you have and if you wish, so that Akshayakalpa can post it on their YouTube with due credits to you.

The entries will be judged on the basis of the following general guidelines –

a) The way the recipe is shared – Explanation and clarity, point wise representation and whether the final dish can be easily visualized.

b) Innovativeness of the final product and relevance to the festive theme

c) How innovative/unusual has been the usage of the dairy product and what percentage has been used.

d) While photographic skills will not be judged, the presentation however should be clear.

Please Note – The authorities at Akshayakalpa and Currylines, will have the right to publish/use all submitted recipes/content on their website and other media. Due acknowledgements to contributors will be given, including their blog link wherever possible.

Prizes – from Akshayakalpa –

There will be 5 prizes in total, all of equal value.

Each prize will have a value of Rs 2000/- and will be given via topping up of the wallet on the Akshayakalpa Organic Milk app.

The prizes are transferable to any resident of Chennai and Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Judges –

The panel of judges are from Akshayakalpa’s in house team.

Disclaimer –

Akshayakalpa reserves the right to change the terms in case of unforeseen events or other restrictions.

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