Bangalore Cocktail Week

BCW … BCWause Bangalore loves its alcohol !!!

The Bangalore Cocktail Week was organized … in Bangalore of course  , in a celebration set across some of the popular bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants.
This event was powered by Ola Prime and Dine Out and managed by SteppinOut, which is Bangalore’s niche event marketing firm.
This concoction of cocktail mixology, master classes on specific alcohol types (such as Gin and Whiskey) and thrilling competitions took place from Aug 26th to Sep 2nd, 2016 and brought together discerning drinkers, pub-trotters and celebrity bartenders.

I was invited by SteppinOut, to be a part of this exciting event and I attended the very interesting master class on Gin cocktails at Church Street Social, that was conducted by Jamie Walker (yes that is his real name  )

Jamie is the Diageo Brand Ambassador and he kept us engrossed as he took us through the storytelling session right from the oriGin (which is my lazy way of saying – The origin of Gin ), to the shakin’ and makin’ of the cocktails, punctuated with anecdotes and bits of history.

Gin is obtained by infusing neutral grain spirits with juniper berries and variants of gin are derived by flavoring the spirit with plant based ingredients referred to as Botanicals, some of which are coriander, nutmeg, orange peel, cinnamon and such like.

Working with Gordon’s and Tanqueray as the two brands of Gin, we began with a Tom Collins collin’ the shots, and went on to witness the creation of the Gin Martini, White Lady, Negroni and the Singapore Sling (would be much easier to call it a Slingapore !!! ) and even a gin based Daiquiri.

Reserve Brand Ambassador at United Spirits Ltd (USL), Andrew Qadri, also demonstrated the Bebbo with Gin, lemon juice, orange juice and honey.

Needless to say, much fun and alcohol was had … the pictures will furnish Proof 

For more pictures see My Facebook – Bangalore Cocktail Week 

Aug 29th,2016

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