Banh Mi and Wok – Thai Food Festival

The deLoy’ghtful Loy Krathong festival at Banh Mi and Wok (BMW)
Loy Krathong is a Thai festival of lights, where Loy means to float and Krathong is a little basket mostly shaped like a lotus. Candles are lit and set afloat on these little rafts and into the water. It is a thanksgiving festival of sorts where the Goddess of the water is offered these lights after the bountiful harvest has been reaped. It also symbolizes letting go of all that is negative.
BMW, my favorite Asian ‘fast food’ place is celebrating this with a month long special menu with a collection of hand picked Thai dishes to de’Light us … but of course 😀

I was invited for a tasting of this menu from which we chose to try out the following dishes –
We had the crisp Som Tam salad (veg version) and our soups of choice were the coconutty Tom Kha Goong and the spicy, tangy Tom Yum Goong (goong = prawns) … yes we are quite Goong ho about our prawns 😀
Tod man pla, the fish cakes with the crispy exterior made from cheese crackers, were quite the favorite and even more so because at BMW they eschew Basa (so that we need not chew basa – ok that was so lame) and they use far superior fish like the meaty Red snapper.

For the mains we had the Pad Krapao, with minced lamb stir fried with basil and chilli and served with jasmine rice. Be warned by the double chilli symbol on the menu 😀
For a Mirchi like me though, it was nothing 😛
For a milder experience, we also tried the Pad Thai, the stir fried rice noodles with prawn and egg, flavored with tamarind sauce.
The dessert was my all time favorite, coconut ice cream, embedded with bits of tender coconut and served with banana fritters that glistened with honey flecked with sesame.

The Thai iced tea nicely washes down the meal. Or one can also pick from their bubble teas and cold coffees.
The serving ware at BMW, is all biodegradeable and it is noteworthy that the little soup bowls have been made from sugarcane fibre.
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The festival is on till the month end, so do not Loy’ter but hurry up and visit them !!!
Check out their Banh Mi and Wok page on FB for more information and for new themes every month.
Nov 16th, 2017
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