Café Felix – The Burger Binge

Café Felix tempts Bangalore to a Binge’galore with The Big Burger Binge and Super Shakes festival.
We were invited to chomp and sip and though I am really not a burger person and I believe that it is more fun baking bread than eating anything that involves bread, I actually did have a good time.


We had the Custard apple and nutella shake, made just a per request with minimal sweetness and the gorgeousness of fresh custard apple … definitely my favorite. The Lavender and pear was also recommended but I found it tamer in comparison. The Snickers shakes will be my choice the next time I am there because though I am nuts about Snickers, I just could not manage another shake.

From the choice of burgers, we opted for the Big Boy burger with tenderloin, bacon, jalapenos and emmental … really what else does one need ? 

My companions ha
d the All American with buttermilk fried chicken, guacamole and sriracha mayo and also the vegetarian Vote for quinoa with a delightful quinoa patty, gruyere and truffle mayo. Yes I tasted some 

The sweet potato fries that come with the burgers are really somethin’ !!! and along with the grain mustard and BBQ sauce, they can make for a meal on their own.
We had a side of Thyme and garlic mushroom along with our burgers, which was a good mix of button and Shitake.



Oh yeah they have a dessert burger the Fluffer nutter burgerwich, which of course does leave you feeling ‘fluffier’ … but the threat of that still does not prevent you from indulging in its decadence.
With peanut butter frosting, Belgian chocolate ice cream hidden inside a torched meringue, all sitting pretty atop a buttery brioche, this beckons you to abandon all sense and dive in 


The great thing about these guys at Café Felix, is that they bake their own breads and that is what I find endearing.

The Burger Pa(r)tty is on from Aug 18th – Sep 3rd.

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Aug 23, 2017

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