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A Mangiical evening … the word play is their’s because they beat me to it this time !!!
However, not to be outdone, I am putting in my two bits and renaming it Mangiical meNew. Didn’t think of that huh Mangii ???
Anyway I love these guys at Mirah hospitality and I consider them Merah family so I wont spend too much time squabbling with them 

Café Mangii, the popular European Deli, gets even more exciting as they put together fresh, new concoctions for us. Revamping a menu is always fun, both for the ‘revampers’ and the ‘revampees’ and we were privileged to be a part of their tasting preview at their Vittal Mallya Rd outlet, which is set in the midst of the hip and happening UB City.

I do prefer their Orion Mall option though, with its refreshing ambience and full fledged bar  but this ‘semi fledged’ bar also took good care of us with their wines and Sangrias, especially the Mango sangria that I promptly named the Mangii’ria or if you wish, the Mango’ria!!!

With some unusual and novel creations by Chef Ajay Thakur, the lively company of Mr Amit Jambotkar, Vice President F&B Operations, Neha Gadodia, Head of Marketing, Mirah Hospitality … and of course their legendary hospitality, binding the event together, the evening was as delightful as always.
We had our specially curated tasting menu with its hand picked salads, soups, small plates, mains and yes, desserts.

We started off with a Cheese platter with Chevre (goat cheese), Emmental, Cheddar and Brie along with walnuts, grapes, olives, crostini and grissini and being a lover of cheese, I ate till I could Brie’the no more !!!

The additions to the soup section consist of the stylish sounding Potage Parmentier  and the Red pepper soup. We tried the latter, which despite its simpler name, stood out with its creamy, subtle and delectable flavors and was loved by everyone.
The salad section too, has many inclusions and the Mini watermelon cups with juicy watermelon cubes embedded with pine nuts and topped with feta, arugula and balsamic reduction, were perfect for the weather.

Of the samplers from the small plates consisting of Gorged mushrooms, Baked Jalapeno, Chicken envelope, Jerk chicken Olivetti and Crostini di Polenta, I surprised myself by being impressed by the creamy, cheesy polenta, despite being normally not much of a polenta lover.
Well it was an evening of surprises alright, with the butter poached Lemon pepper basa giving even basa non enthusiasts a reason to lick their fingers and likewise the Grilled cottage cheese steak appealed to the vegetarians and a couple of paneer non lovers too 

The only dishes that paled in comparison were the pasta with the Saffron al fungi and the Fusilli mama rosa but to be fair, I personally have no passion for Pasta.

We ended the meal with a Philadelphia cheese cake with Blueberry compote and Red velvet brick brownie and then some decadent chocolate mousse or something magically appeared onto our table. I don’t really remember the name because as everyone knows, comas tend to mess with memories … and comatose I certainly was !!! So if you are dying to find out what it was, go there yourselves and do let me know too !!!

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May 24th, 2016


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