Farm Made Foods – Contest 1, for OMBC Discover 2019

Healthy baking contest with Farm Made Free Range Eggs for the Ovenderful Mom Baking Community’s OMBC Discover event.

Farm Made Foods produce free range eggs using traditional farming methods, ensuring highest animal protection standards.

Farm Made Foods and Currylines are happy to announce this exciting contest that will run from Oct 7th, to 13th, 2019, on the reputed platform offered by the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community Facebook group founded by Simran Oberoi Multani which encourages baking using only non refined, healthy ingredients.

This contest is a part of the run up of events that are being conducted by the OMBC Discover 2019 event that is being organized by Simran. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and place healthy as well as inclusive baking onto a bigger and more global platform, so that it receives the kind of visibility that it deserves. It is also to facilitate knowledge sharing by thought leaders and influencers in this space so that more and more bakers can upskill and explore this route of sustainable baking. 

The event is scheduled for Nov 23rd, 2019 at The Courtyard, KH Road, Shanthinagar, Bangalore.

Link to the event  


Some preliminary details –

This contest is open only to residents of Bangalore City.

A maximum of 40 people will be accepted, on a first come basis.

Registrations will close on Sep 30th, 2019 or when 40 people have confirmed, whichever is earlier.

Please do not cancel after registering because you will be depriving someone else of that opportunity.

Farm Made Foods will supply one pack of 6 free range eggs to each contestant and this will be home delivered before the start date of the contest. Delivery is within Bangalore city limits ONLY. Participants are free to use any number of eggs in their entries.

In case they want to order more eggs, Farm Made Foods will supply this at a one time discount of 20 % along with the main delivery only.

One more similar contest will be held after this, for a Total of 40 more people who are residents of the cities of Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune because the brand has the facility of home delivery only in these places. Dates will be announced soon.

Contest Details, Rules and Prizes –

1 – All contestants should be residents of Bangalore city only and should also be members of the Facebook group Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community Non members are welcome to join the group if they wish to participate.

2 – Participants must submit a ‘healthy baking’ recipe of any kind, using the eggs from the pack of Farm Made Foods (keeping in mind the existing OMBC group rules). Recipe must contain these eggs as at least one key ingredient.

3 – The entries have to be posted on the OMBC group – in the relevant album only Admins will then transfer the entry to a parallel album in Farm Made Foods which will be the final link to be sent to the judges. This is because Facebook gives permission only to admins, to post on page albums.

4 – Please submit only ONE pic per recipe and no collage. This picture should also include the egg box with the Farm Made label clearly visible.

Farm Made Free Range Eggs page will permit blog links, so further explanation/pictures can be showcased via your blog if needed.

5 – Each contestant can submit a maximum of 2 entries. However please clearly indicate Serial Number on each recipe, even if submitting only 1 entry, eg Entry 1, Entry 2 – next to the recipe name.

6 –  Please Like/follow the Facebook page Farm Made Foods,  and Instagram of FarmMade @_farmmade

7 – Please Like the Facebook page Currylines. Also follow  twitter @tweetcurrylines and Instagram @currylines

(those who do not have Twitter or Instagram accounts, may merely Like the above 2 pages)

8 –  All entries should have the 5 hashtags #eggcontest1  #OMBCDiscover2019  #OMBC #farmmadefreerangeeggs #currylines (please copy paste and do not retype, to avoid typos)

9 – The contest will run from Oct 7th to Oct 13th, 2019 for a duration of 7 days. Your entries should come in within that period. No entries will be accepted after midnight of Sunday Oct 13th, IST.

10 – The winners will be announced on or before November 10th, 2019

11 – The decisions of the judges will be final and binding. The panel of judges will consist of eminent people connected to the food industry. Entries that do not comply with any of the requirements mentioned above, will not qualify for being judged and no intimation will be sent to non qualifying participants.

The entries will be judged on the basis of the following general guidelines –

a) The way the recipe is shared – Explanation and clarity, point wise representation and whether the final dish can be easily visualized.

b) Innovativeness of the final product

c) How innovative/unusual has been the usage of eggs and what percentage of eggs have been used.

d) While photographic skills will not be judged, the presentation however should be clear.

e) How user friendly the recipe is – whether easy to reproduce by those who read.

Please Note – The authorities at Farm Made Foods and Currylines, will have the right to publish/use all submitted recipes/content on their website and other media. Due  acknowledgements to contributors will be given, including their blog link where ever possible.

Prizes – from Farm Made Foods –

  1. There will be 5 prizes in total, all of equal value.
  2. Each prize will have a value of Rs 1475/-
  3. This will consist of 12 free range eggs, 1 kg coconut sugar, 2 boxes of coconut candy, 2 boxes of coconut barfi.

Judges –

The judges are reputed names from the industry.

1) Shireen Sequeira – reputed blogger from Dubai, who has been blogging for over 10 years at Ruchik Randhap which in Konkani means Delicious Cooking.

2) Chef  Vikas Seth – was born in the culinary rich by lanes of Amritsar, into a family of foodies. He has an in depth understanding of culinary concepts and a strong passion for innovation. An IHM Mumbai alumnus with over two decades of work experience, he is well travelled and has journeyed across some of the best culinary capitals of the world. He is the brains behind the iconic Sanchez and Sriracha restaurants in Bengaluru. 

3) Kumar Kempiah – A representative from the Farm Made Foods brand

PLEASE NOTE – Prizes are only redeemable in Bangalore and will be delivered to the same address where the eggs have been initially sent OR at the OMBC Discover event.

Click here for more information about OMBC Discover  

Click here for more information about Farm Made Foods and also here.




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