Jungle Hut, Masinagudi – Part 3 – Food and Drink

Part 3 of the 3 part series on the Jungle Hut, Masinagudi resort, covering the overview, activities and food.

As mentioned earlier, Jungle Hut is a home away from home with its cozy, relaxed and intimate aura and friendly staff. Likewise, the food that they serve is also geared towards being home style and easy on the palate and system.

Their ingredients are as local as possible and their jams, pickles, preserves are home made. This naturally means additive free and far healthier than commercial products. The highlight of their breakfast are the home baked loaves of bread that are fresh off the oven everyday. Paired with their jams and locally sourced honey, this is a treat that many guests look forward to indulging in.


Dining options –

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served buffet style on a long counter that bears the chafing dishes. At tea time in the evening, delicious snacks like pakodas (fritters) etc are a great attraction, along with the beverages.

All these meals are served at the large, airy dining hall with its beautiful solid wooden tables and chairs that also provide a rustic backdrop for food photographs.

The emphasis on being a family friendly resort, shows in the little details where even the wash basins are designed for both adults and little ones.

I thought the wash area could have done with a mirror though.

Bamboo holders from their own fallen bamboo are artistically crafted and painted in house and are used to contain the cutlery at every table.

The cuisine is generic and a mix of whatever suits their fancy, which for the most part works out well for the guests 😀 because Anushri is a wonderful cook and the cooking staff are guided by her recipes and menu curation. There is a touch of Mangalorean, local South Indian, a bit of North Indian, Asian and Continental, which ensures that a range of palates are taken care of. The emphasis is not so much on authenticity as on creating something flavorful and hearty.

The food is eaten by everyone who works or visits there and is a great incentive for someone who would want to be employed at the resort … I was ready to offer my services in return for even the salted peanuts that we had as snacks, if it meant getting to live in that paradise 😀

A note to pickle lovers – Anushri’s pickles are uber yum and they are also on sale, so buy up your stocks when you are there. I made sure I did, especially that bamboo pickle which was to die for 😀

The extended porch which they call the Gazebo, looks out onto the pool and bonfire area and is where guests like to hang out in the evenings. One can order from the snacks menu, which again stems from Anushri’s creative side and brings forth some delightful finger foods.

My experience –

Being a foodie, I had remembered that I had been impressed by  what I had eaten even during my earlier visit 15 years ago and the taste of the chocolate ice cream that they had churned out, still lingers in my dreams. Hence the food was something that I was looking forward to.

My first lunch there did not disappoint and I heartily tucked into all that you see on the plate below. Crispy baby corn, side dishes of beet and beans, a gravy filled with soya chunks, dal, rasam, soft chapathis, white rice, a finger licking chicken curry and fried fish. All this was washed down with a glass of buttermilk and also a mint lime cooler. The dessert was a very interesting banana payasam made from what seemed like green bananas cooked in sweetened milk. Very innovative and a lovely end to my first meal there.

Even as my tummy was deciding how to process all this food, it magically became tea time and the irresistible onion pakodas and accompanying chutney, made their way down to join my lunch 😀

Well I did manage a bit of walking around the property in the interim, in the unrealistic hope that I could balance food input and calorie output 😀

The cool evenings somehow manage to bring the appetite back and as we sat caressed by the pleasant breeze that blew through the gazebo, I was plied with plate loads of snacks with peanuts (the same ones that I was willing to work for 😀 ), fried chicken, potato wafers, prawns,  cream cheese on toast, pork spare ribs and other such indulgences that made sure my own ribs could no longer be seen !!!

Well we did have to spare some space for dinner, which we staggered to straight from this feast and I barely managed to nibble at the bread rolls, paneer, chicken curry etc.

The chocolate mousse however, magically managed to find a space for itself inside me !!!

Breakfast on both the mornings was again an interesting medley of local and western from paniyarams to pancakes … with the home made bread and jams (luscious grape jam, orange marmalade etc), eggs to order, cereals, fresh juices, upmas, poha, dosas, chutneys, sambar and fruit. Their chutneys were innovative, with Black til (sesame) on one morning and a carrot chutney on another.

My lunch and dinner on the second day were as interesting as ever and I was quite delighted by the rice rotis, stuffed mushrooms, fried brinjal, mutton and chicken curries and a peach crumble to crumble all resolve to go easy on dessert !!! Of course the guilt soothing buttermilk calmed it all down 😀

The resort is a place to chill and they make sure that their guests are in a constant state of satiation, conducive to chilling alright !!!

And for those who cannot bear the guilt, the nearby hill with the temple on top, makes for an apt pilgrimage to work off the sins and fat.

For more pictures see My Facebook – Jungle Hut-Part 3-Food and Drink

Booking and contact – 

Jungle Hut is located at –

Jungle Hut,
Bokkapuram, Masinagudi,
Nilgiris – 643223.
Tamil Nadu, India.

They can be contacted at their website Jungle Hut

and their Facebook Page – Jungle Hut, Masinagudi

For Reservations and Enquiries :  +91 9787633433
To contact the property (Not for reservations)
+91 423 2526463
+91 423 2526240

Email – mail@junglehut.in

Pl Note – This assignment has been carried out by me, in collaboration with Jungle Hut. The information in my narrative is based on the inputs that I received from the client and also from my personal experience.

June 21st-23rd, 2018

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