Laila’s Farm

The windchimes tinkle incessantly, powered by the equally untiring breeze which blows from across the lake. This is a melody which is going to bestow on me a constant and pleasurable sensation for the next 2 days.

The vast front yard is a riot of colors, right from the fresh green of the lawn to the innumerable multi-hued flowers, fruits and vegetables and to the vivid fish that glide placidly in their koi pond.

2 little doggies pause their gambolling on the lawn and bound towards me in a show of welcome that is as vigorous as the dominating wind.

I have reached the pretty blue and white gates of Laila’s Farm, named after Laila the bigger of the 2 dogs, whose demeanor and swag clearly indicate no ambiguity that she is the boss around here.

This brand new haven with its blue and white themed charming little homestay set amidst verdant environs, is the creation of ex army Major Tejinder Singh Wohra popularly known as Robin Wohra, whose hunt for a getaway from the city, culminated in this little retreat tucked away in a gated layout in the Sri Sathya Sai district of Andhra Pradesh, India.

This is by far the smallest property that I as a travel blogger have written about but the pleasure and delight that it rendered me was inversely proportional to its size. I also thought that this would be a short blog but you will soon realize the fallacy of my thinking 😎 (It is also noteworthy that this is my first foray into Andhra Pradesh as a travel blogger!)

So what was it about this place that endeared itself to me? Well the immediate way to find out is to read on and the other way is to actually make a trip there and see for yourself. For now, let us achieve the former as I tantalize you into planning for the latter!

About Sri Sathya Sai district – 

This very new district of Andhra Pradesh was carved out of the larger Anantapur district in early 2022.

It now shares a border with the Anantapur, Annamayya and YSR districts of Andhra Pradesh and its Karnataka neighbors are the Chitradurga, Tumakuru and Chikkaballapura districts, the last one providing the closest route from Bangalore airport.

Named after Sri Sathya Sai Baba whose ashram is at Puttaparthi in this region, this district is also famed for being home to several religious, historical and other touristic sites and even factories of multinational companies and hence contains enough bait to attract tourists across a wide range of interests.

Its geographical proximity to the metropolitan city of Bangalore and the excellent connectivity via the highway, also ensures a steady stream of visitors who are on the constant lookout for interesting places to take short but refreshing vacations.

Prasanthi Nilayam, Kadiri, Lepakshi, Penukonda etc, are some of the oft visited places and if you want to know why, then you have to read on and patiently wait for me to arrive at that section in due course 🤨

In the meantime, I have plenty of exciting tales to tell you about Laila’s Farm, which you will need to intently listen to, for that is where you will choose to stay when you embark on your sightseeing jaunt of this place … yes, my story is guaranteed to make you fall for the  charm of this farm!

About Laila’s Farm – 

A quarter of an acre of sheer delight, is how I would describe this place in brief. Translating to approximately 10,000 sq ft, this space has been magically transformed into an oasis of splendor, from the barren land which the surroundings still stand testimony to.

This barely 3 month old home was ready in April 2023 and is a part of a new gated layout called Woodstork Hills. It occupies one of the 300 plots which the real estate developers are still in the process of marketing.

Blessed to have a large lake along one side of its periphery, the layout contains a few plots which have the benefit of being strategically situated such as to obtain a scenic view of the water.

Laila’s Farm lies on one such piece of land and apart from the magic that Robin has woven on the hitherto unused earth of his property, it also has the advantage of ‘vantage’ wherein the lake view provides an extension of the enchantment and panoramically enhances the already delightful ambience of this ‘almost’ water front home.

Since this was initially meant to be a place where Robin could live his life of retirement in peace and harmony with nature, the original plan included only 2 bedrooms built on stilts. As the place took shape and suggestions from excited friends flowed in, it was decided that it would be a great idea to create more spaces in order to let it out as a homestay or even a place for (those very same and very clever) friends to hang out from time to time 😉

Thus the gaps between the stilts tuned into 2 more rooms and lo and behold, the 4 bedroomed home was built at last … and literally so because ‘At Last’ is what Robin has now named the house, indicating the accomplishment of the dwelling that will be his till the last.

The construction of the home was from prefabricated panels which were assembled on-site and hence it took a very short period of of 4 months to complete the entire job.

The home welcomed its first guests in July 2023.

About the owners – 

Well we have already learnt that Laila is the ‘real’ boss here and hence let me begin with her story before I go on to tell you about the humans whom she has magnanimously adopted 😎

This 2 year old girl was a tiny little ‘rescued’ semi-Indie pup who was taken under Robin’s wing (no pun intended) and who now thrives under his pampering and indulgence. Yes believe me, this lady has him all wrapped up around her paw and she constantly emotionally blackmails him into getting her way, especially when it comes to bullying him into giving her the favorite dog biscuits which she frequently binges on.

She also has a little sidekick called Choti who is another local Indie pup who has cheekily and presumptuously adopted this home and the two of them are a hilarious sight to behold as they romp around the whole day, providing non-stop entertainment with their antics😁

Ok now let me hop back to Robin and his role in this farm (and again this is the first time that the actual owner has been relegated to second position in my blogs)!

Ex army Major Tejinder Singh Wohra hails from the Parachute Regiment. He is popularly known as Robin which is his unofficial pet name at home. His family consists of his wife and 2 sons.

As a person and as the owner of this place, he is gracious, friendly and hospitable. He is also very grateful that he was not conferred upon with the usual Punjabi pet names like Pinky, Lovely, Sweety etc. Yes, Robin also has a great sense of humor and that certainly makes the stay more entertaining for his guests.

For the clueless, the aforementioned pet names are those which Punjabi parents generally bestow upon their male babies, while tending to forget that they are going to turn into strapping men someday who will be highly mismatched with the adjectives that they are named after 😒😂 (Just in jest and no offence meant to any Pinky, Lovely or Sweety who may be reading this)!

Apart from running this homestay, Robin also makes lamps out of used alcohol bottles. He began this hobby cum business during covid and literally brought Light into the lives of his many customers while also raising their Spirits! He now assembles the lamps right here on the farm.

He also owns a security agency in Bangalore called Sentinel Security.

Features and Amenities – 

The 4 bedroom home occupies pride of place of course and overlooks the yard which is  draped in the refreshing colors of nature. Greenery abounds in the newly planted vegetation dotted with a generous sprinkling of the vibrant colors of innumerable flowers, adolescent fruit trees, fresh vegetables and a host of several species of birds who have found their paradise amidst the less alluring surrounding landscape.

Apart from the 4 rooms, the the ground floor also has the staff quarters and a storage room cum utility room which houses a treadmill, washing machine, ironing table etc.

The first floor has an open porch in between the 2 bedrooms and this serves as a dining room cum general deck where one can sit and gaze out into the garden and the lake yonder. This is a seriously addictive activity and one can lose all track of time while lolling here on the comfortable couches or swing chair.


The kitchen and TV lounge of sorts, form the rest of this floor.

The décor is bright and colorful, with assorted artefacts, curios and antiques lining the walls and wooden shelves and lending an aesthetic appeal which actually appeals, despite the profusion of knickknacks.

The aforementioned windchimes, rare orchid blossoms, bells, gongs and other swaying objects jostle with each other in the wind which never seems to abate.

The night view is equally magical.

The large yard below, is likewise chock-a-block with various components which form a delightful overall tapestry that is pleasing to the eye.

This little patch of earth certainly packs in a whole lot of elements comprising of a tiny emerald green lawn, a patch where vegetables are planted on raised beds using a method called hügelkultur, garden seats and tables made from rustic and locally available material, an outdoor bar counter with stools, a hammock, a koi pond under the main deck, which is teeming with fish and bordered by exotic plants and items of garden décor, nearly 50 varieties of fruiting plants and trees some of which are already yielding, myriad flowering shrubs, vegetable climbers clinging to the fence along the periphery and laden with young and healthy produce … I could go on and on but you will have to see it for yourself to be amazed at how much can fit into this space.

In fact a gazebo and a swimming pool are also on the anvil!

The Stay and rooms – 

One of the rooms on the first floor is Robin’s of course but the other 3 are available for guests. Each room can accommodate 2 adults and is furnished with a double bed, side tables, wardrobe, work table, fan, en suite bathroom etc.

The usual amenities like tea/coffee maker, drinking water, a few basic toiletries, electric geyser, bed and bath linen etc are provided in all the rooms. The bath towels and bedspreads have the signature of the boss emblazoned upon them!

Specific items like iron box, ironing table, hair dryer etc are available on request. There is a washing machine too which is available for the guest’s use.

There is a power back up by way of a UPS battery which takes care of the basic lighting in the rooms in the event of a power failure.

A short video showcasing the features and activities –  

Dining – 

When it comes to the food, be aware that Robin misleads the guests. At least he misled me when he said that they serve simple homestyle meals. In my house, simple is defined by a sad dal, steamed rice and a sadder sabji.

But on Laila’s farm what you can expect, is what I consider gourmet fare 😍

Hot hot soft soft phulka rotis generously drizzled with ghee, freshly picked karelas freshly stuffed with freshly made masala (you get the drift?) and crispy fried to perfection, fresh fish fished out of the lake and rava and tava fried, plump large alu parathas glistening with gliding blobs of butter, chicken curries and fries, delicious seasonal fruit … my list could on but I think I have made my point! I was treated to all of the above and more, by Manoj who is the resident Man Friday at this farm. A cook by passion, he loves whipping up delectable fare to please the guests. He also played the role of angler for the fish that was on my plate.

Plant to plate, fish to dish … a meal like this, fulfilled my wish!

Robin does not believe in presenting a set menu. According to him, this is a home and no one offers a menu there. Instead, one partakes happily of whatever has been made for the day (with food like this, one will indeed be overjoyed).

However, if there are any special requests or allergies or preferences, one can always inform in advance.

The tariff includes all 3 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner and the homely, informal atmosphere!

If you are smart (like I was), you can pluck some of the fresh produce right off the farm and get Manoj to magically turn it into a delectable dish.

Usage of the kitchen is permitted for making baby food, attending to specific diets and such but carry your ingredients with you.

Barbeques are organised in the designated zone, with prior intimation. Costs are dependent on the circumstances. Guests can also bring in their choice of marinated material for the barbeque.

Food options outside the homestay are plentiful. The nearest village/small town is barely a couple of kms away and there are several eateries like the South Indian Darshinis, authentic Punjabi dhabas on the highway and other reasonably good restaurants.

The Kia automobile factory (and Korean habitation) in Penukonda which is 35 km away, has also resulted in several Korean restaurants in that area.

Activities – 

Activities within the homestay –

This is a home in every sense, hence it is mainly a place to do nothing and chill out or potter around in the garden or kitchen and add value by helping out. Some guests have also been known to pester Manoj for recipes 😁

The several birds that flit around all day, are a temptation to those who are into photography. I spent a lot of time chasing many of them with my camera and managed to click some of the tiny ones, even though they were highly restless and unwilling to hold their poses for too long. I was amused to see that many of them were Robins, who were probably told that this home belonged to them (sorry for the lame joke 😎).

If you wake up up at the crack of dawn, you can even spot them with their fresh catch of worms in their beaks. The early bird gets the worm and the early human gets the bird!

Babblers, bulbuls, Baya weavers, drongos, coucals, ashy prinias, larks, kingfishers, herons, egrets, cormorants etc graced my lens but my lifelong ‘bad peacock luck’ ensured that my camera did not get any peacock shots even though I could see these large specimens in the surrounding trees and fields and hear their high pitched meowing.

Water birds throng the lake and are a pleasure to watch.

Fishing is another activity that one can try their luck at and the neighboring lake obliges with tilapia, carp, catfish and the like. There is a fishing rod which guests can use or they can bring their own if they have one.

During the above 2 activities, Laila and Choti will assist you by making so much noise that the birds and the fish will disappear, thus adding to the challenge 😇

You can also picnic by the lake, amidst aquatic splendor. The layout has an access to a promenade of sorts with seating arrangements and tables. One can pack a nice little basket of goodies and spend a really pleasurable time by the waterfront. You can also get the 2 doggie escorts to tag along and be of great help 😉

For those who want to pass time indoors, there are a few board games and a small collection of books to read.

The treadmill is also available for those who would inexplicably prefer it to the outdoors!

Barbeque and bonfires can be arranged with prior notice. Costs are as per specifications. Guests can also bring in their choice of marinated material for the barbeque.

Things to do in the Surroundings – 

As mentioned earlier, there a few popular places of interest around the farm. A few of them within a 100 km radius are –

Prasanthi Nilayam – which is the main reason behind the name of this district. This place houses the ashram founded by Sri Satya Sai baba and also the hospital and other institutions established by him. This is around 50 km from the farm.

Veerapuram Siberian bird sanctuary – barely 7 km away from the farm is this little village where migratory Painted storks arrive every year and make this place their home from March to August. There does not seem to be any Siberian connection as far as I have researched though.

Kadiri – 70 km away, is known for the Sri Kadiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The Batrepalli waterfalls are also found here.

Lepakshi – 15 km away, is the location of the famous Veerabhadra Swamy temple which dates back to the Vijayanagar dynasty. There is also a Jatayu park with a huge installation of a Garuda and also a monolithic Nandi bull sculpture in this town.

Madakasira Fort – 60 km away, is a historical site with a 500 year old hill fort located in Madakasira town.

Penukonda – this town is 40 km away and the places of interest are the Penukonda fort and the Kia Motors plant and several Korean restaurants that are here as a consequence of the factory.

Adiyogi statue – at the Isha Foundation Chikballapura, is 50 km away from the farm, towards Bangalore.

My experiences –

Robin was kind enough to drive me around to see a few of the interesting places and I spent an enjoyable morning of sight seeing.

The Veerapuram bird sanctuary was a real delight with the fascinating sight of thousands of Painted storks roosting and nesting on the large trees of that little village. The birds fly in every February/March and return home in August/September after nesting, mating, procreating and waiting for the young ones to be ready to fly off again to God knows where because that information was not available to me 😀

This is a great place to get good pictures because the birds are so used to human presence that they even strut on the ground among the poultry, cattle and people. In fact it is highly amusing to watch the local and ‘visiting’ creatures cohabiting in this unusual ecosystem.

We headed next to Lepakshi and had a quick photo stop at Jatayu park with its imposing Garuda statue perched atop a huge boulder.

The monolithic Nandi sculpture which is installed in a park a few yards away, was next on my route and finally we had a quick external glimpse of the Veerabhadra Swamy temple, a few more yards ahead.

One can spend an entire day at Lepakshi and that is what I intend to do another time.

A refreshing glass of sugarcane juice from one of the many tiny shops, a stop by the roadside to grab some luscious jamuns which are grown in this region and then we were headed back to the farm just in time for lunch, with the healthy appetite that we had worked up. Yeah being a tourist is tough work!

My evening was spent exploring the layout and visiting the lake to see if Manoj could  accomplish an encore with the fishing rod. And though he actually snagged a big one, it was too wriggly for him to hold on to and it escaped into the water, nearly taking him with it. Apart from regretting the loss of the fish, I also rued missing capturing this little adventure on video because it happened in the blink of an eye 😁

The next morning I woke up early because my camera wanted to meet the several avian visitors who are most active at dawn. The rest of the morning was spent hanging out in the garden and harvesting produce for Manoj to feed me with.

Visitor Profile – 

Guests of all ages are permitted. There are no restrictions of any kind of visitors. Unmarried couples, bachelors etc, are welcome and it is expected that the peace and decorum are going to be maintained. The homestay might have other guests on its premises at the same time and everyone has to naturally be mutually sensitive to the presence of others.

The place is currently not fully suitable for guests who are differently abled but there are plans for a ramp to be installed to access the ground floor rooms. However, it is still possible with some extra help to enable wheelchairs, since the rooms are almost at ground level. The food will be brought downstairs in such cases.

This is a pet friendly property with additional charges for the animals. And of course the guest is expected to supervise the pets at all times to ensure their safety and that of the surroundings and of other people’s on the premises.

To summarize, this homestay is ideal for any type of occasion, whether it be a rejuvenating break from the mundane to get away from it all or spending time with family and friends etc.

It is a perfect place for artists, photographers, history and heritage buffs, temple devotees, adventure enthusiasts, professionals who want to ‘work from home’ and those who want some Me-time to do just NOTHING but chill!

And of course, the place is safe. After all there is a ex army Major watching over you. What more protection does one need 😁

Best time to visit – 

Despite being located in what is considered to be a barren rural location, this region enjoys salubrious weather for most of the year. The temperatures rise to the late 30’s (deg c) only during the summer months of mid March to mid June but the heat is not intolerable. However, regardless of the general weather conditions, the situation on the farm is always better than that of the surroundings, with the breezes that blow over the lake providing relief from the heat especially in the evenings. A fan is more than sufficient to stay reasonably cool during the day and the evenings and nights are much kinder than the daytime.

The rest of the year the weather is very pleasant and even a bit chilly across the monsoons (June to September), winter (October to February) and spring (a bit of February and March) seasons.

Hence I would say that it is comfortable to visit the homestay during any season of the year. If one would like to go sight seeing in the surroundings however, summer could be a time to avoid.

Phone and internet connectivity –

The WiFi is not very strong since this is a rural area but fortunately the 4G connection works reasonably well. My AirTel was quite functional.

In my opinion, the signal strength is sufficient for those who want to work online while at the farm.

What is available and what you should carry –

The home has its battery back up which is sufficient to power the lights and fans in case of a power failure.

Considering the terrain and possible activities, carry a pair of walking shoes, a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, a backpack, a camera etc. Also bring along your binoculars and fishing equipment if you have any.

A first aid kit and basic medicines are available but carry specific medication if needed.

Basic toiletries like liquid handwash, shampoo, liquid bodywash etc, are provided. Extra soaps, toothbrushes etc can be provided on request. The iron box and ironing board,  washing machine, fridge etc can be used if needed. Usage of the kitchen is permitted for making baby food, attending to specific diets and such but carry your ingredients with you.

The place is not very remote and the nearest habitation and basic shops are available within a 5 km radius. The nearest hospital is in Bagepalli town, 14 km from the farm and within the Karnataka border.

The type of clothing you need, is weather dependent but on the farm it is cool for most of the year especially between sunset and early morning. Hence it is always a good idea to carry at least 1 coat even if it is not winter. Monsoons and winters are much colder than the rest of the year, so equip yourself accordingly.

Daytime is warm in the summer months, so carry light, cotton wear.

And as always, carry your ID card with you.

Additional Information –

Open air parking is available.

Washing machine is available for doing laundry.

CCTV cameras are installed in outdoor areas for security.

The host is always accessible on the property and he is the point of contact for attending to all guest related matters.

Pets are permitted along with their guests.

Accommodation is provided for the personal staff of their guests. Check with them for the rates.

Getting there – 

The highway is excellent and going by cab or private car from Bangalore, is the most convenient way to get to Laila’s Farm.

The distance from Bangalore city (MG Road) is around 110 km and takes 2 hours.

The nearest airport is the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore, which is around 86 km away and would take 1 hour 15 minutes.

The nearest town is Bagepalli in Chikballapur district and is 14 km from the home. Pick up and drop can be organised from and to the bus stand.

There are also many state and private buses that ply on the Bangalore Hyderabad highway and might halt at the nearest point on the highway (Andhra Pradesh check post) which is around a kilometer from the homestay.

On the Andhra Pradesh side, the nearest major railway station is at Hindupur, 30 km away.

Things of interest en route from Bangalore – 

There are a few major places of interest on the way from Bangalore. A bit of a detour from the highway may be necessary to get to them though. The notable places which one might want to visit are –

Nandi Hills

Sri Bhoga Nandishwara temple

Adiyogi Shiva statue at Chikballapur

Booking and contact – 

Booking is best done by contacting Robin directly.

Charges are per person with all meals included. Children below 5 years are not charged.

Address –

Plot No. 113, Woodstork Hills,

Maruva Kothapalli, Chilamathur 515341

Andhra Pradesh

Phone –  +91 9845055605

Email id –

Instagram of Laila’s Farm

Instagram of Boozy Lamps

Please Note –

This trip was in collaboration with Laila’s Farm and I thank them for the hospitality. My narration is based on the inputs I received from various sources as well as my personal experiences.

I would really appreciate your feedback and comments in the comment box below.

For more pictures see My Facebook –  Laila’s Farm

Also catch me on My FacebookMy Facebook pageMy Twitter and My Instagram

This itinerary was specially curated hence some of the features might have been personalized accordingly. Before booking, please check the facilities offered in your package.

July 19th – 21st, 2023


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      Thank you so much. So nice to hear that you have experienced the place. It is indeed a good break from the city.

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      Dinesh, your appreciative comments are the main reason that I blog 😀
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