Mills and Browns – Gluten free ready to bake mixes

Mills and Brown is a 2 year old brand that represents ready to bake mixes that are different from the usual. They are into producing not just refined flour free but also completely gluten free and healthier baking mixes.

Their products are created using a blend of nutrition rich and all natural flours like Raw banana flour, Tapioca flour and Millet flour, with no chemicals and preservatives whatsoever.

This is the brain child of 2 friends, Kavitha, a trained nutritionist and Ramprasad a marketing professional, who recognized the necessity for such products, fueled by their personal experiences with the ill effects of gluten.





How it began –

When Kavitha realized some years ago that some thing in the food that she was consuming was disagreeing with her digestive system, she used her scientific background and logic to analyze and identify the cause. Through a process of elimination, she located the culprit which was hiding in the wheat products that she used.

Yes gluten, the family of proteins that lies in grains like wheat, barley, rye and spelt, spells doom for the health of  those who are sensitive to it, in varying degrees ranging from mild digestive symptoms to even fatal consequences as in the case of those with Celiac disease.

Kavitha was also a baking enthusiast and when she gave up using wheat and related ingredients, she felt the pinch when it came to creating the cakes, cookies and other goodies that she liked to indulge in.

An extensive amount of research and several experiments with various types of flours, led her into creating recipes that were stable and consistent. She then teamed up with Ramprasad who was marketing savvy and they boldly decided to go where not many Indians have gone before … into the market for producing gluten free mixes.

While gluten sensitivity is generally known to afflict mainly those with Caucasian genes, like everything else that is going global, gluten is also spreading its stringy web across other races and with an increasing number of people seeking out gluten free food products, Mills and Browns certainly comes as a blessing.

Besides just being gluten free, they have also strived to incorporate flours that have higher nutritive values. While there are a host of other options like rice flour etc, they have gone with the nutrient rich and carefully researched banana flour which gives their bakes the healthy edge.

The brand name and logo –

Desiring to create the mixes from scratch to maintain tight control over the quality, they decided to begin right from milling the grains and hence the Mills, with the Brown representing fibre and whole grain and health in general.

The logo is a slice of bread … gluten free if you please 😀

The production unit –

A modest 1500 sq ft serves as their space where they perform the processing right from grain to finished package.

With hygiene maintained right from the threshold, where outside footwear has to be deposited (outside of course :-D), they spare no pains to keep the place spotlessly clean and dust free.

To produce contamination free powders, they have their own dedicated equipment and machines for milling, sifting, dry blending, weighing, packaging and sealing.

The raw material sourced is also of the highest quality and is GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free and IMO certified (Institute for Marketecology) as far as possible. Apart from this, they have taken great pains to undertake extensive studies and trials and have discovered sources that supply ingredients that are highly suitable for consistently producing good quality end products.

For example they only use a variety of banana flour that is produced in Madhya Pradesh and their tapioca flour comes from certain specific locations in Tamil Nadu.

The millet grains are sourced as fresh as possible from certified farmer organisations like Sahaja Samruddha. They are stored safely away from moisture and air, in large covered bins.

The milling is done only when there are orders, in order to conserve the freshness of the flour, since Millet flours tend to go rancid very soon.

They use unrefined and sulphur free sugars in their mixes.

Their production process –

They are hands on people and are very particular about personally handling the production aspects themselves.

The grains are milled in a machine that can handle upto 50 kgs at a time. There is a dedicated machine to powder the sugar.

After being milled the mechanized sifter sieves out the coarser particles, leaving behind the smooth flour. The dry blender then mixes the formula as per the recipe and then the mix is stored in bins, ready to be packed.



The individual quantities are then weighed, packed and sealed. The sealed pouches are then manually packed into boxes.




Their products –

Debunking the myth that only refined flour can produce a light and airy bake, their cakes and cookies turn out delicious and reasonably soft textured.

Currently their range of ready mixes for domestic purposes have Vanilla cake, Chocolate cake, Cookies and the popular Brownie.

Recipe books provided with the packs, also enable one to use a bit of imagination and play around with the ingredients to create variations of the intended product.

This chocolate cake for example, has been given an apple makeover by me 😀

They also supply bulk quantities of mixes, individual flours, Xanthan gum and gluten free Baking powder at wholesale rates to bakeries, hotels, restaurants and similar institutions.

Demos and exhibitions –

In order to propagate awareness of these products, they participate from time to time in exhibitions related to food and they also conduct demos for restaurants, residential localities, corporates etc. They can be contacted to demonstrate and talk about their products to groups of interested people.

A typical demo would involve conducting a workshop at a suitable venue, beginning with a short presentation followed by a baking demonstration and a tasting of the final products.

With many people preferring eggless bakes, they usually bake an egg free version along side a regular egg version to satisfy all preferences. They also share information and answer queries related to gluten free issues.
Interested people can contact them with their requirements, at the coordinates given below so that they can fix up the demo based on the number of people who will be attending.

Where to find them –

The brand can be located on their Facebook page

The ready mixes are also available at select retail outlets and online on Amazon India which makes it very convenient for Pan India buyers.

Phone – 9986360530/9986773998

For more pictures see My Facebook – Mills and Browns Gluten free ready to bake mixes. Also catch me on My Twitter and My Instagram

Sep 17th, 2018


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