National Trade Fair – Organics-Millets,2017

Apr 2017

A nation or a state or a community would always desire a leader who will take them forward. So how does one respond when a Minister of State asks the people to go back in time ???
The answer is simple. One listens carefully to his message and understands the wisdom embedded in his words because there are times when going back is the best way forward … and this is one of those times !!!


The Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture for the State of Karnataka, Shri Krishna Byre Gowda​, is smart and down to earth and works towards the benefit of the farmer, the environment and the wellness of the people … much like the Millets that he is promoting awareness and propagation of !!!
These tiny grains that were used prolifically in the olden days, are a power house of nutrients and their numerous benefits assure us that growing, buying and consuming them will be greatly beneficial in several ways, to us and to our generations to follow. Finding our way back to them and incorporating them in our diets will go a long way in ensuring good health and reducing our craving for junk foods that will turn us into an unhealthy nation.


It is my pleasure to be a part of the team led by this dynamic person who is spearheading this movement. In the recent past, I have witnessed and participated in numerous millet awareness events conducted by the DOA (Dept of Agriculture) and I am personally very exhilarated that this movement is going to result in the first ever National Trade Fair conducted by the Govt of Karnataka, where there are areas of interest for not just farmers and traders but also consumers who are interested in learning more about these wonder grains, via food stalls, activities, talks by renowned nutritionists and food consultants, supermarket and specialty store representatives and of course exciting millet based recipe and art contests for adults and children respectively, with very attractive prizes.

So watch this space for daily happenings, fascinatingly informative videos, recipes that are fun to play with 😀 and a general demystifying of grains that were so friendly to our ancestors but became strangers to us somewhere in the course of time and ‘development’ !!!

Consume local produce and teach your following generations to do the same …and be a part of this exciting journey that will change our lifestyle for the better !!!

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The fair will be held from Apr 28th-30th, 2017 at Tripuravasini, Palace Grounds.

For more information and event schedules please visit the official website of the event

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Apr 2017

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