Organics Millets International Trade Fair 2019-Curtain Raiser

It seems like just the other day that the Organics and Millets International Trade Fair 2018, had its unveiling on Nov 6th, 2017.

Oct 5th, 2018 brought to us the Curtain raiser for the upcoming OMITF2019, scheduled for Jan 18th-20th, 2019 (Fri-Sun) at the  venue of the beautiful Bangalore Palace grounds.

The imposing Shangri-La hotel with its bird’s eye view of the palace, was an apt venue for the occasion.


The event was graced by the current Minister for Agriculture, Govt of Karnataka, Shri N H Shivashankara Reddy, the former Minister for Agriculture, Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, the Principal Secretary (agriculture) Shri Maheshwar Rao, the Commissioner (agriculture) Shri Jagadeesha, Shri Manoj Menon, Executive Director of ICCOA and other esteemed members from the industry as well as farmer federations.

The theme for the OMITF2018 is K-Source, which portrays Karnataka as the source of knowledge and awareness, where organic and millet based agriculture is concerned.

The Secretary Shri Maheshwar Rao began the proceedings by welcoming all those present and gave a brief summary of the previous OMITF and what it stood for, what it achieved and what was expected to be attained from future trade fairs.

Shri N H Shivashankara Reddy reiterated the stand taken by the earlier ministry and assured everyone that the good work would continue.

Shri Krishna Byre Gowda  spoke about the importance of adopting a sustainable system of living and how going the organic way was the best way forward for the planet.

Also at this event, the mascot for the OMITF2019 was unveiled, the new website Organics Millets 2019 was launched and the video of the OMITF was released.


The Shangri-La hotel served a delicious buffet lunch with several millet based dishes from salad, to mains to dessert. The tiny Ragi mudde (steamed finger millet balls) served with mutton gravy, were enough proof that millets can create finger licking dishes (pun intended).

Events have been planned to the run up of the OMITF2019 which include district and city level millet and organic melas, Smart runs, Culinary sessions, cooking contests and other exciting proceedings.

Stay tuned and save the date for the final Fair. It promises to be even more exciting than ever.

For more pictures see My Facebook – OMITF2019 – a Curtain Raiser


Oct 5th, 2018

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