HakkaChow – Home Delivery


The food and beverage industry which has been greatly affected by the pandemic, is now quickly finding its feet again via the system of home delivery.

Joining the increasing list of such brands, is Lounge Hospitality, which is a part of Embassy Leisure. They have quickly reinvented themselves during these strange times and are launching a series of cuisines as a part of their dine at home experiences, that are user-friendly, delicious, follow safety protocols and yet manage to be pocket friendly.

Adapting to the current scenario and spreading joy through their food, is their theme and going by the tasting menu that I received from Chef Vikas the Culinary Director, their customers are sure to be ecstatic, just as I was 😀

The first of their brands featuring Asian cuisine, was launched on August 14th, 2020 under the label HakkaChow and Chef Vikas has as usual lived up to his reputation of creating magic with ingredients.

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Farm Made Foods and OMBC FB Group – Coconut Sugar Contest

Healthy baking with coconut sugar – online contest with Farm Made Foods Coconut Sugar and the Ovenderful Mom Baking Community group on Facebook (OMBC) and www.currylines.com 

Farm Made Foods and Currylines are happy to announce this exciting contest that will take place from Sat Oct 3rd to Sat Oct 17th, 2020, on the reputed platform offered by the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community Facebook group founded by Simran Oberoi Multani which encourages baking using only non refined, healthy ingredients.

The purpose of this contest is to raise awareness among bakers about the benefits and availability of this form of sugar, since health conscious people are on a constant look out for such valuable ingredients.

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Paddu with Ripe Palmyra Pulp and Sourdough Discard

My new found love for the Ripe Palmyra Fruit and its golden pulp, has led to my imagination running riot (like that is a new thing 😎 ) and with that has come the creation of several recipes which the palm pulp has been begging to be used in!!!

Its ability to fit into any cuisine right from Sourdough breads to Indian snacks and desserts, makes it easy for the aforementioned imagination to have the time of its life and come up with various possibilities.

One such dessert cum snack that I could immediately think of, was the Paddu which is also known as Kuzhiappam, where the ‘zh’ is pronounced like a deep, rolling L. Yeah you have to earn your paddu you know.

To explain better, a paddu is made in a special pan, somewhat like an abeleskiver pan and is a snack that can be made in both sweet and savory variants. It is a sphere of sorts which is formed by dropping the batter into the depressions of the pan.

So let us get out of our Corona depression for a bit and entertain ourselves by trying to pronounce Kuzhiappam and also learning to make it.

And sssh do not tell anyone but I have also added Sourdough to it.

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Sourdough Loaf with Ripe Palmyra Pulp


Have I gone nuts with my sourdough (SD) baking?

Have I played with weird ingredients in my SD bakes?

Have I had an insane amount of fun doing so?

Am I going to continue creating ridiculously exciting bakes?

Am I boring you?

Well the answer to the first 4 questions is a resounding Yes and hopefully I will hear a No on the last one 😀

So basically I have come to the realization that SD is versatile enough to be led wherever the imagination permits it to go. And with a wild imagination like mine, we are certainly going where no SD has ever gone before!!!

If you have seen my previous post on the Ripe Palmyra Fruit, you will know that even the golden pulp of this fruit was not spared by my SD mania and it ended up starring in a beautiful creation called the Sourdough Palm Pulp Loaf.

Yes and this is what you will be baking with me today, so crank up the enthusiasm and allow the above visual to tempt you to read further.

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Ripe Palmyra fruit – Borassus Flabellifer


Keep Calm and eat ripe Palm!!!

As mentioned in the previous post on the Tender Palmyra Fruit I am quite crazy about fruits in general and especially those that are unusual or exotic in some way. Among my list of intriguing ones, are the fruits of certain palm trees and the Palmyra palm fruit is very much one of them.

The fruits grow in bunches and are round like cannon balls with a leathery outer skin. The edible seeds are embedded inside the fruit and each fruit has 3 seeds, though there are some with 2 and even 4 at times.

The process of getting to the edible part is rather complex and one has to depend on the skill of the amazingly dexterous vendors who sell these fruits when in season and whose prowess in wielding a murderously sharp sickle of sorts, is the special power that extricates the delicate translucent seeds from their sockets and brings them into our grasp.

But today, this aspect of the fruit is not what I am going to focus on, tempting though it may be to dwell unendingly on the lusciousness of the tender fruit.

Having eaten this all my life, it was only a few years ago that I was greatly fascinated to hear from an acquaintance, that the fruit takes on a very different avatar if left on the tree to ripen and mature. This ripe fruit then yields a sweetish pulp much like that of a mango, which of course is as exotic as it sounds like.

I had been extremely enraptured by this piece of information but the item being so rare to obtain, I had to depend only on my imagination to assume what it would be like. I desperately hoped that I would come across it someday but I never did get the chance up until now.

Though the Corona era brought with it disease and pestilence, it also gave me access to several products that I had not used before and one of these was the ripe Palmyra fruit.

My amazingly knowledgeable friend Srikanth Seshagiri who runs the famous Banchharam’s Sweets in Bangalore, suddenly informed me that he had found a supplier of these fruits and I pounced on him like I pounce on any new fruit that I see 😀 and begged him to procure these for me.

So that is how it came about and today I am going to rave on and on about this treasure of mine and the immense potential that it holds to make spectacular dishes out of it.

If you are equally crazy about such things, then hang on and listen and also watch my video below. You will not be disappointed.

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