Today I will take you on a tour of Oki, Okay ? šŸ˜€

While that opening line was hard to refrain from, the food at the restaurant Oki, is equally hard to resist.

Oki is the baby of Chef Surajit Ghara who has extracted the letters from the main cuisine that is served at the eatery. In his quest for a catchy name, he has shaken out a couple of initials from O-riental Ki-tchen, which have then combined into a short and crisp Oki !!!

Chef Ghara who has had 15 years of experience in the industry, has worked in 5 star hotels, cruise liners and even start up companies. He is proficient in Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian and several other cuisines.

Wanting to create something of his own, he started this restaurant which apart from Pan Asian, also serves a fair bit of European.

In addition, the close proximity of these diverse cuisines in the menu but naturally has given rise to fusion offspring šŸ˜€ and one sees a blending in a few of the dishes, like the Wonton Ravioli.

I was invited for a tasting of the fare, and I do not refuse invitations to Asian food šŸ˜€

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Ritz-Carlton Riwaz – An evening of Royal Traditions

Why would one go to London to see the Queen, when one can go to Ritz-Carlton to see the King and Queen šŸ˜€

The classy hotel celebrated the 26th birthday of the MaharajaĀ Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, who is the 27th Maharaja of Mysore. He was accompanied by his wife, the MaharaniĀ Trishika Kumari Devi.

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Mango Mulch – Part 3-Food and Drink

Part 3 of the 3 part series on the Mango Mulch home stay, covering the overview, activities and food.

It is always exciting for me to write about the cuisine of the place and I usually leave it for the end because it infuses in me fresh enthusiasm, following the fatigue that sets in after churning out pages and pages about the place and activities.

Speaking of fresh, the food that is served at Mango Mulch is just that !!! Vegetarian, wholesome, flavorful and to every possible extent, prepared from ‘straight off the farm’Ā  organic ingredients that they harvest.

AshSudhi treat the visitors to the farm like their own personal guests and also serve them whatever they cook for themselves.

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Mango Mulch – Part 2-Activities

Part 2 of the 3 part series on theĀ Mango MulchĀ home stay, covering theĀ overview,Ā activities andĀ food.

As mentioned in Mango Mulch-Part 1-An Overview, the farm and cottages are meant for rest and relaxation and it is not one of those activity filled destinations.

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Mango Mulch – Part 1-An Overview

Part 1 of the 3 part series on the Mango Mulch home stay, covering the overview, activities and food.

Yeh Dil Mango Mulch ? I gave my heart to this delightful home stay that I visited last week !!!

What happens when an architect and a civil engineer get together ? A state of the art commercial space or an apartment complex with hundreds of dwellings or perhaps a sleek, fancy Mall ?

Surely not a gorgeous traditional house set in a peaceful mango grove in the midst of rural surroundings, far away from the concrete jungle, right ? Well this couple dared to do it differently and left behind the hustle and bustle of the big bad city, for the rustle of the mango leaves and their beautiful home stands amidst the mango trees, as a symbol of their passion for all things traditional and rustic !!!

Ashwini and Sudhakar, hereinafter referred to as AshSudhi (and sometimes Ash and S respectively) šŸ˜€ are the proud owners of this 8 acre grove that they have named Mango Mulch, a label that stands for theĀ millions of leaves that carpet the land under the canopy of their monumental mango trees and eventually break down into mulch that organically adds nutrient value to the soil.

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