Tribute Royale – KTM2022

Hotel Tribute Royale was a welcome sanctuary for me, when the driver brought me there all bleary eyed and sleepy at 5 am, after my journey from Bangalore.

The Kerala Travel Mart 2022 edition was what finally pushed me out of my house after 2 painfully long Covid ridden years and this was an event that had been looked forward to for too long! Tribute Royale was my first stopover before I embarked on the 5 day media tour of Central Kerala.

So here is a brief narration of the place that I spent just around 24 hours in. Yeah just a day, that’s why it’s brief or else my story would have been longer 😏

So set foot into the lobby of Tribute Royale, Ernakulam, Kerala, India and have a quick look at this place.

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Kerala Travel Mart – KTM2022 – Media Tour

Fancy a trip through verdant environs, staying at uber luxurious resorts, savoring local cuisines, experiencing exciting adventures on land and water, soaking in the culture and heritage of a vibrant land and filling your camera with innumerable digital memories, all in the company of a knowledgeable guide and several hospitable hosts … with the only regret being that the days went by too soon?

Well that is exactly what the Kerala Travel Mart (KTM) treats its media and buyers to, as it very successfully renders them spellbound and makes them fall in love with this tiny slice of India, the state of Kerala, whose successful tourism holds a slice which is inversely proportional to its size, compared to that of the rest of the country.

As mentioned in previous story on The 11th edition – the KTM2022 , this edition of the KTM which was deferred from its reserved date due to Covid, finally took place accompanied by the much awaited Fam trips for the media and buyers. It is on these tours that one actually gets the true feel of Kerala and its varied and vibrant offerings to its tourists.

So get on the bus with me as I take you on a merry ride (no pun intended) of central Kerala, to vicariously experience my wonderful trip of this bit of this land.

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Kerala Travel Mart – KTM2022, An Overview

Kerala does a Phoenix again.

If you have read my earlier blog on the biennial Kerala Travel Mart KTM2018 (KTM2018), you might recollect that in the same year, Kerala had just emerged from the double whammy of devastating floods and the Nipah virus but had bounced back with a vengeance in September 2018, to pull off its 10th and biggest KTM until then and had done so with characteristic pomp and glory, unfazed by its recent calamities.

Thanks to Miss Corona, the last 2 years have been fraught with misery and despair, causing travel and tourism to come to a total standstill. With Covid’s ‘Strike Withdraw Rinse Repeat’ modus operandi via various variants and choice Greek letters, the future did seem terribly uncertain and bleak.

Nevertheless, the never say die spirit of Kerala and its tourism players, valiantly made efforts to rekindle the spark through their biennial, September held, Kerala Travel Mart but earnest attempts notwithstanding, they were unable to maintain their date with  September 2020 but did hold a virtual mart in March 2021.

As the world eventually tried to limp back in 2022 and Kerala quickly planned to hold the KTM in March 2022, Corona hovered around again, playing cat and mouse with the Omicron version, which further threw plans into disarray.

But as I have said several times in the past, it takes a lot to vanquish Kerala and hence eventually May 2022 became the month that would bring the KTM alive and the Phoenix rose triumphantly yet again, to accomplish what is well known as the largest tourism event in the country.

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Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital, Kochi

It’s a Resort, it’s a Luxury Hotel … no It’s a Hospital!

Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital in Kochi, Kerala, India, is a relatively new wellness center where one can heal in the luxurious facility that is set away from the hustle and bustle, right in the heart of nature and yet has the added advantage of being very accessible from the main city of Kochi. This also means that it is within driving distance of the airport and hence very convenient for people from both India and abroad.

The hospital belongs to the well known AVA group who are also the manufacturers of Medimix soap.

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Akshayakalpa – Organic vegetable garden (Updates)

As mentioned in the heading, this is a post that gives an updated version on my earlier 4 year old blog about Akshayakalpa’s Organic vegetable garden and what better ‘Before and After picture’ to start with, than that of Rathnamma, the lady who takes care of the garden and has stayed as evergreen as the plants even after 4 years.

There have been a few enhancements since my last visit and this post will showcase them mostly through pictures and a video that captures the harvesting of vegetables by guests during their Farm Visit Program which I have recently written about.

For the most part though, the information remains the same and I will give you a quick recap of the Vegetable RnD which they now call it.

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