Sourdough Phulka (Indian Flatbread)

Clicked by me but not in my kitchen.

A phulka (pronounced Fulka), is one of the most common among Indian flatbreads (generically called Rotis) and is a staple food in many Indian states especially in the North. This is an unleavened bread and is oil free, light, soft, thin and circular and designed to easily mop up gravies and other side dishes. It gets its name from its property of puffing up when it is cooked. Phulna is the verb which means to puff up, in Hindi.

Now the phulka may as well be unleavened but when the matter comes into the hands of a Sourdough (SD) maniac like yours truly who is on a constant quest to incorporate her SD starter into anything and everything that will docilely obey, then the phulka becomes one more casualty along her murderous SD path 😀

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Date Chutney

A Date with a chutney … or a Chutney with a Date. This blog is about both. Yet another of my long pending projects that await my fickle mood and mind, until something catalyzes the process and helps it come to fruition.

So this time my reminder was the presence of the plump Mejdool variety of dates that found their way to me via a Diwali hamper sent by the Just Be Restocafe.

Dates are one of the most versatile fruits both nutritionally and with their conduciveness to punning 😎

There are infinite recipes and ways of incorporating them in our diet.

One of my favorite ways of consuming them is via this sweet and tangy Date Chutney that is as versatile in its uses, as its star ingredient itself.

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Homemade Sour cream, Buttermilk, Butter and Ghee

So this post has been pending since the beginning of time 😎 and it is an important one since it talks about a few ingredients that are so crucial in several dishes, including my sourdough and other bakes.

Of course I have been postponing and procrastinating in my own delightful way 😏 but today I have decided to take the bull by its horns (or should I say cow, considering it is all about milk and its products) and deliver the goods.

It is a simple process that gives rise to basic items like sour cream, butter and buttermilk but yet there are many many people who are not aware or who have not tried out this method to obtain these at home.

Once you see how easy the technique is, you will never again buy any of these items from the store … at least not for your domestic use.

So let us whip up some excitement and see how the contents of an innocuous looking milk packet can bring forth some fascinating results.

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Quinoa Idli and Dosa – Recipe

Idlis and dosas are the ever popular breakfast of not just South India but these ubiquitous dishes are also loved all over India and in Indian food joints across the world.

These rice breads of sorts are basically made from a soaked, ground and fermented batter of rice and black gram lentils (urad dal) but they certainly cannot be constricted by a narrow definition. There are innumerable variants and many a time even the basic ingredients are substituted by other grains or combinations thereof.

Case in point being that while a classic idli or dosa would use a certain proportion of rice and dal, in this recipe I have asked quinoa to join the game so that I have one more toy to play with 😀

So let us get onto the method of preparing quinoa idlis and dosas and excuse the brand plug on my picture because that is the only one I have for now 😀

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Garam Masala – Home Delivery

We are now at the end of the ‘quadrology’ that began with the brands Hakka Chow  Bangalore Pizza Company and Mad Mex which brought to us Asian, pizzas and Tex Mex cuisines respectively. These home delivery brands as I had mentioned, are the brainchild of Chef Vikas of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure. So the promised 4th cuisine from this portfolio, is here at last and this time it is our very own Indian … and North Indian to be more specific.

Chef Vikas is a good friend of mine and is a highly talented chef who has over two decades of work experience. He is well travelled and has journeyed across some of the best culinary capitals of the world. He is the man behind the iconic Sriracha and Sanchez restaurants, which are proof enough that whatever he touches will turn to gold.

Chef Vikas is a Punjabi himself and his Amritsari upbringing is sufficient cause to get us all excited about his home cuisine. Garam Masala brings to us North Indian delicacies with flavors as vibrant as that of the spice mix that the label symbolizes.

So let us now proceed to unbox the treats and though Chef has these 4 brands currently, we do hope they will expand their repertoire and delight us with more cuisines in future.

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