Rainbow Cruises, Alleppy – KTM2018

Rainbow Cruises is a Gold Star rated brand that owns and operates some of the best houseboats in the backwaters of Alleppy (Alappuzha) district, which is one of the leading tourist destinations in Kerala, India.

Floating tranquilly on the crisscrossing network of Kerala’s backwaters, these cruise boats offer an idyllic setting to the discerning traveller who is looking for a peaceful holiday surrounded by the beauty that is Kerala. Several tour companies operate houseboats in the backwaters.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a day cruise on one of these crafts owned by Rainbow Cruises, during my media tour which was organised as a run up to the Kerala Travel Mart KTM2018 held in Cochin, Kerala, India from Sep 28th-30th, 2018.

Come cruise with me down the Punnamada lake which morphs into the mighty Vembanad lake and savor the experience of the sail.

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The Gateway Hotel, Ernakulam – KTM2018

The Gateway Hotel at Ernakulam, belongs to the Taj group of hotels and is one of the most sought after places to stay in the city of Ernakulam/Cochin.

Situated along the promenade of the Marine Drive on the waterfront, it offers panoramic views of the backwaters, harbor and the islands of Cochin.

I was a guest of the hotel during my participation as a member of the media at the Kerala Travel Mart, KTM2018 held in Cochin, Kerala, India, from Sep 28th-30th, 2018.

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Kerala Travel Mart – KTM2018

First there was the Nipa(h),

The Pani was the next Pain

And I will take liberties with anagrams to say –

But Kerala is h’apin’ning again !!!

(my rhyme may be cheesy but my story is not :-D)

The (so called) Bat fever (nipah) battle of May/June 2018 followed by the infamous Deluge of disastrous proportions with the flood waters (pani) of July 2018, would have been enough to vanquish the spirit of most lands. But the Keralites are no ordinary people and the  extraordinary caliber, remarkable resilience and disciplined determination that they have displayed, has played a great role in aiding a rapid recovery.

Kerala, the tiny sliver of a state on the South West coast of India, labels itself as God’s own country and its diverse topography has always been a tourist’s paradise.

Since tourism plays such a major role in boosting the state’s economy, there arose a need to have a mechanism to enable the promotion of tourism in the state. Thus in the mid 90’s, was born the Kerala Travel Mart Society.

The Society acts as the spokesman on behalf of Kerala’s tourism industry and apart from other activities related to promoting the cause, it also organizes and conducts the biennial Kerala Travel Mart (KTM) which is one of the largest exhibitions in India, showcasing tourism products. The first of these marts was held in the year 2000.

I was privileged to be a media invitee at the recently held KTM2018 from Sep 27th-30th at the Samudrika and Sagara Convention center, Cochin, Kerala, India.

Read on to experience the 10th edition of the mart, KTM2018 … through my eyes and experiences.


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Mills and Browns – Gluten free ready to bake mixes

Mills and Brown is a two year old brand that represents ready to bake mixes that are different from the usual. They are into producing not just refined flour free but also completely gluten free and healthier baking mixes.

Their products are created using a blend of nutrition rich and all natural flours like Raw banana flour, Tapioca flour and Millet flour, with no chemicals and preservatives whatsoever.

This is the brain child of 2 friends, Kavitha, a trained nutritionist and Ramprasad a marketing professional, who recognized the necessity for such products, fueled by their personal experiences with the ill effects of gluten.





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Golden Palms – Part 2 – Cuisine

A 2 part series on the Golden Palms Hotel and Spa, covering The Overview and Amenities and The Cuisine.

Part 2 – Food and Drink

At Golden Palms they take their food and drink very seriously. With 4 restaurants serving varied cuisines and Bars at multiple locations on the property, they make sure that the guests are treated to copious quantities of food and drink that emerge from their kitchens.

Their signature palms also play a role in the cuisine with all their coconut chutneys and coconut milk freshly made from their own produce. In season, some of the fruits like jack and mango also find their way onto the menu.


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