Akshayakalpa – Farm Visit Program

Sounds of laughter and excited chatter fill the clean, unpolluted air. Little children run around unhampered by the usual constraints of the city, while their parents merely watch indulgently, knowing that their little ones are in safe territory.

This is a typical scene during the Farm visit program at the Akshayakalpa organic dairy and farm. This is an opportunity that Akshayakalpa provides, not just for its customers but also for anyone who would like to learn more about their products and processes.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of witnessing a group of visitors savoring every aspect of the immersive and educational activities at the farm and needless to say, I was equally delighted to experience the same along with everyone else. Of course I was a bit hampered with the task of documenting the event but then, that is an occupational constraint so to speak, which I have to deal with 😏

Akshayakalpa Organic, started out as a rural enterprise which aimed at ‘Rejuvenating Indian Agriculture’, by making farmers self reliant by setting up organic dairies in village farms and then helping them through the entire process from milking to marketing. Their initial activities were documented by me in this 4 year old post of mine – Akshayakalpa Part-1 and those who wish to know more about them, would do well to read this before proceeding here.

I must add though, that they have progressed significantly since then, with a greater number of new products, as well as with upgraded production facilities and systems and my new blog post on their enhanced processes and products will be coming up soon.

Until then, one can always participate in this guided tour and obtain a first hand experience (which some might find more interesting than reading pages of pages of the stories that I churn out 😎)

Well for now, you have no choice but to obediently read, if you want to know what delights lie in store.

So hop on, as I transport you to the village of Kodihalli that lies on the border of the Hassan and Tumakuru districts of Karnataka in India.

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C-SOF/JVK – Organic farm by ICCOA – Part 2


Bambi has grown into a shy and gentle adolescent. She was 6 days old and definitely bolder, when I first met her a little over 2 years ago but today though she is older, she has a demure aura and does not even look up to greet me. However, I am pleased to know that the people at the farm have retained the name that I bestowed upon her when I first met her.

To catch up with the history of this calf turned young cow and other interesting tales, you will have to read my earlier blog on ICCOA’s model organic farm called C-SOF/JVK and then you can proceed onto this narrative which is the continuation of where we left off in January 2020.

My story had paused when the entire world had been interrupted by the dreaded Covid but today finally we are back on track to resume where we left off … and hopefully this state of affairs will remain unmarred so that we can continue enjoying the joys of this serene and refreshing farm called C-SOF/JVK, which stands for Center for Sustainable & Organic Farming and loosely translates to Jaivik Vigyan Kendra in hindi.

C-SOF/JVK is the initiative of the reputed International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), which is India’s leading networking organization in organic agriculture and while my earlier blog focuses on the farm being an exemplary model to demonstrate organic farming practices and also supply organic produce to consumers, this story will go on to describe the newly established training center, guest house and related facilities and the hands-on activities that trainees as well as visitors from the city will experience when they visit for a day trip or even overnight stays. This was Work in Progress when I visited earlier and this time I had the pleasure of experiencing the completed facility.

So join me at the C-SOF/JVK farm, as I make my way deep within the verdant countryside of the village of Kolatti which lies in the Denkanikottai taluk of the Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu, India .

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Akshayakalpa and OMBC FB group – Online Recipe Contest 2

Healthy baking with Akshayakalpa dairy products – online contest 2, with Akshayakalpa  and the Ovenderful Mom Baking Community group on Facebook (OMBC) and www.currylines.com  

The theme of this Contest is Festive Bakes in keeping with the festive season.

Akshayakalpa and Currylines are happy to announce this exciting contest that will take place from Sunday Dec 12th to Sunday Dec 26th, 2021 (a 2 week span), on the reputed platform offered by the Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community Facebook group founded by Simran Oberoi Multani, which encourages baking using only non refined, healthy ingredients.

The purpose of this contest is to raise awareness among bakers about the benefits and availability of Akshayakalpa dairy products, since health conscious people are on a constant look out for such valuable items.

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Cowpea Chutney (Barbati Baata)

A few years ago I was invited to write about a dine in event organized by a group of people who were providing authentic, regional dining experiences in people’s homes.

The concept was great because it opened up opportunities for food lovers to sample unusual and hyper regional fare that is not usually found in restaurants. And for someone like me who loves to taste the cuisine of various regions, this was a very delightful event indeed.

The meal I partook of, was curated and prepared by a Bengali lady and most of the dishes were new to us and did not consist of the usual items that we were familiar with.

While everything was outstanding, one dish in particular stood out and ironically this was prepared using a vegetable that I had no particular kind feelings towards, courtesy its its weird flavor and strange after taste. However, the transformation that was brought about by the recipe, was remarkable.

It was amazing to realise that this particular vegetable was the main ingredient in the dish and what was even more appealing was the very simplicity of the recipe. Rustic and flavorful, it was explained to us that this was usually prepared in villages and hence not seen too often in mainstream cuisine.

This common vegetable that would never make its way into my shopping basket, suddenly made its way into my heart (and tummy of course) and I told my host that this was the only way I was ever going to eat this again.

I made sure I ate cowpea’ous quantities that day.

Yes it is the humble Cowpea that I am talking about. Botanically known as Vigna unguiculata, it also goes by the names of barbati, lobia beans, long beans, alsandey, yardlong bean etc.

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Jamun Cake

The Jamun (Syzygium cumini) is a brilliant purple fruit that leaves an equally purple hue on the tongue. Also known as Indian Java plum, Jamblam, Zambla etc, this is a seasonal fruit which usually makes it appearance during Indian summer months.

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