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Mar 19th,2015

The Rasovara 3pm – 7pm snack menu called ‘From the Chowk’, is a menu that is ‘Chowk’ a block with goodies.
Serving Street Food in a hygenic and upmarket ambience, coupled with their famed hospitality, is their recipe for happiness !!!


The menu covers few of the staple favorites like Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Dabeli, Channa Bhatura, Samosa and Rolls, Dal Bhaati Churma and also the Corn cheese balls which apparently is a crowd favorite though comparing it with traditional foods is like comparing Chowk and Cheese 🙂
They also serve a mini meal of sorts in the form of Rajma chawal and Majestic Rice … these for those who might have missed lunch and want to make do with an in between kind of meal.

We sampled from their menu beginning with their Maharaja Lassi and Chaas which were served in Emperor sized ‘Lotas’ … and I had trouble finishing my Quota of Lota 🙂

The Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Channa Bhatura and Cheese corn balls followed. The Maharaja rolls filled with chunks of paneer, were soft and succulent and easy to chew through. From the chaat section we were served the Corn Bhel and Paapdi chaat. The bhel was good but we felt that the paapdi chaat was a bit on the sweeter side with not enough ‘chaat’ flavor. Our feedback was accepted very positively by Chef Kamlesh. Spice levels felt moderately low to my tongue but they do customize to suit individual palates, on request.

We also sampled a bit of the Rajma Chawal and also the Majestic rice at the insistence of the Manager Mr Rajkumar and were glad that we did because the creamy concoction of spinach puree and coconut milk coupled with the cottage cheese, gave this rice its pleasing and unique flavor and texture and made our decision worthwhile.


Finally we chose the Rajdhani Chai to wash down all of the above and that came in a little ‘Kullad’ with 2 cookies served alongside for dunking 🙂 The cookie made out of whole wheat, milk and sugar with no added fat, was my favorite and I liked it the best of all mainly because of the great texture and taste, coupled with the low guilt factor 🙂

Prices are definitely on the higher side compared to similar items elsewhere but the U B City location and the hospitality and personalized service would make it worthwhile for those who like being pampered 🙂

Mar 19th,2015

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