The Raviz Calicut/Kadavu – Calicut Sightseeing

This is a multi part account of my stay at The Raviz Calicut and The Raviz  Resort and Spa Kadavu, in collaboration with Panache, the travel designers.
This post is a narrative that covers some of the tourist attractions in and
around Calicut city.

As I mentioned in The Raviz Calicut – Part 1, the hotel lies in the center
of the city and hence is walking distance from restaurants, shopping etc.
However, if one wants to explore the surroundings or dig up some history,
the travel desk at the hotel is happy to arrange tailor made sightseeing

Calicut city is not the usual holiday destination as we know it, but it does
have its share of things to do within a 20 km radius of the city center.
One can visit the Pazhassi museum, the Planetarium, the Tasara weaving
center, the Sarovaram biopark, the Sargaalaya arts and
crafts village, the Thali temple and several Tile factories.
Kappad, Calicut and Beypore are the 3 beaches that are frequented by
holidayers, though they have relatively small stretches of sandy area and
more of rocks and man made walkways that project into the sea.
If one is willing to travel for a couple of hours further, one could also
visit the Thusharagiri waterfalls or the Peruvannamuzhi dam or even drive
into the hill station of Vythiri in the neighboring Wayanad district.
My 3 day stay at both the The Raviz Calicut and The Raviz Kadavu left me
with just enough time to visit a few of these attractions and guided by the
hotel staff, I had the Kappad beach, the Sargalaya crafts village and the
Beypore harbor on my itinerary.


Kappad beach –
This is situated 18 kms from the city and as I said earlier,
it not the usual large expanse of beach but a small sandy stretch
interspersed with projections of land constructed so that people can walk
across and view the sea.
It also has a paved walkway shaded by casuarina trees and lined by several
carts selling local snacks to beachgoers.
All kinds of fruits and vegetables soaked in brine and vinegar, peep out
through large glass jars and are picked up with tongs and sold.
And apart from the usual banana and other local fritters, I was quite excited at the sight
of the exotic Green lipped mussels stuffed with a spiced rice paste and
fried. This snack though rare for visitors like me, is a common sight here
and sells at a mere Rs 10 a piece. Since I wanted to take them back to the
hotel and click pictures, I had mine parceled in a sheet of white paper by
my friendly Mussel man, who quite redefined the term with his puny
appearance 😀 Have you seen my Mussels ???
Since there are very few beaches in Calicut, all of them can get badly
crowded and sadly littered and even more so during holidays like Onam.
Kappad beach was no exception and I had to jostle through the crowds to get
a few pictures. However I was interested in this place because this is where
Vasco da Gama touched India’s shores in 1498 AD and with the help of my
driver, I located the ‘stupa’ as he called it, that bore the inscription of
his arrival … Unfortunately this little memorial lies in a state of
neglect in the midst of trash and overgrown weeds.
Getting back to the present, an interesting point to note is that many parts
of the road towards the beach are lined with
stalls selling Kerala’s popular earthen ware pots and pans and these are
available at very low prices and I made sure to stop and add to my existing
collection 😀
Beypore beach –
Beypore situated 23 kms from the city, was a prominent port and fishing
harbor of the Kerala of yore and was well known for its ship building
industry. Even today, the Uru which is a Dhow like sail boat, is still
handcrafted here and exported to Arab countries. Being closed for the Onam
festival, I was unable to visit a Uru building yard, where one can view the
fascinating process as the boat builders work with the timber without using any modern machines.
Uru replicas however, were available plentifully on
sale along the road that leads to the beach but I did not stop for them
because I was gifted my own little craft by the lovely folk at
The Raviz Calicut … my personal Uru to take home to Bengal’Uru 😀
Beypore again does not have a very large stretch of sand, though it seems to
be bigger than Kappad. Here too there is a lamp post lined projection that
is constructed out into the sea and used as a walkway by visitors to the
beach. A lighthouse is visible in the distance and the horizon marks the
line where the Chaliyar river meets the sea.
Carts similar to those on Kappad beach, sell the usual brined fruit, stuffed
mussels and shaved flavored ice candy (golas).
The windy beach being conducive to kite flying, one can spot several of them
in the skies, powered by the Onam revellers 😀
Docked boats lie inverted on the sands and the crowds used them to clamber
on and seat themselves.
The amount of litter beats that of Kappad beach, though the surging masses
seem quite oblivious to trash, even while actively contributing to it !!!
One can choose to focus on the beautiful sight of the setting sun, as I did
and ignore the mess around 😀
Sargalaya arts and crafts village
Situated 40 kms from the city, this is an initiative by the Dept of tourism, Kerala and houses 60 stalls where artisans create and sell local handicrafts including products made of banana fibre, palm fibre, seashells, terracotta, screw pine, coconut wood etc.
Tourists can also attend classes and learn to create their own handicrafts.
The stalls are located on the banks of the Moorad river in a picturesque
setting which also conveniently includes a cafeteria and clean washrooms.
The ticket was a very nominal Rs 30 but they did charge me Rs 100 for the
camera, which was quite meaningless because most people use their cell phones and those are not charged … even those that are charged (of course the pun was intended) 😀
Besides, photography is prohibited inside the premises, a fact that I discovered only after exiting.
There is also a handicrafts outlet where people can buy the products. The most interesting one was a Gold colored ship that was priced at a mere 25 Lakhs 😀
Apart from this what caught my eye was a fat, terracotta Blue crab and a pretty Kerala saree with a Kathakali print.
Due to its distance from the city, I would recommend this place only to
people who are truly interested in arts and crafts.
Apart from all these usual touristy destinations, one should savor the local
attractions that the city offers and this can be done best with the help of
a local driver or guide.
Sep 3rd-6th, 2017
Pl note – This trip was made in collaboration with Panache and The Raviz  Calicut
The narration is based on my own personal experiences.
If you want to weave in the Raviz in between your Kerala experience or
design your own dream trip, Panache can be contacted at for bookings.

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