Ritz-Carlton Riwaz – An evening of Royal Traditions

Why would one go to London to see the Queen, when one can go to Ritz-Carlton to see the King and Queen 😀

The classy hotel celebrated the 26th birthday of the Maharaja Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, who is the 27th Maharaja of Mysore. He was accompanied by his wife, the Maharani Trishika Kumari Devi.

I was honored to be on the invitee list of this grand celebration that also coincided with Earth Hour, where after a few brief speeches by the Maharaja and the General Manager of the hotel Antony Page, the Maharaja performed the inaugural Mashaal lighting ceremony, with the lighting of the torch, symbolizing our commitment to fostering a better planet.

This ceremony will be continued as a daily Riwaz meaning tradition, at the hotel as the torches will be set ablaze every night as a welcome for the returning guests.

The hotel was bedecked in regal splendor, a befitting venue for the royals.

Special cocktails were shaken out from copper colored samovars and accompanied by some delicious bites from live counters.

I had the Bang mule made from sugarcane juice, since my Ghanna ki tamanna is well known !!!

Executive Chef Anupam Banerji, who is a dear friend and who has undertaken the mission of fattening me, made sure that he personally piled my plate, as he plied me with too many things 😀


An electric performance by Sivamani, the acclaimed percussionist and U.Rajesh on the mandolin, added to the power of the night.

The performance was followed by a dinner curated by Chef Altamash, Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant Riwaz, who hails from Lucknow and whose name was appropriately sultan’esque to suit the occasion 😀

Well it goes without saying that the spread was fit for a king (and queen).

The Zaituni paneer tikka scattered with olive leaf powder, the Malai broccoli, the Nalli Korma with Lahori aloo mash and lehsuni saag and the Murg Awadhi biryani made their way to us in solemn procession, each course accompanied by carefully paired wines.

The regal Coorg coffee dessert with 70% chocolate, resting on Mysore pak soil (Mysore … but of course) and served alongside a quenelle of kesari bath and a scattering of micro mini kaju barfis, was a fitting end to the meal.

This was truly a night where memories were made.

#RCMemories to be precise 😀

and we were truly made to feel like #RitzCarltonRoyalty

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Mar 24th, 2018

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