Valentine’s Day 2017 – Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwanthpur


Had a Dil’lightful time enjoying the Heart’y meal at Vivanta by Taj, at the preview of their Valentine’s Day experience !!!

With nearly every item painstakingly shaped into a work of he’Art, they have strived to make this event a truly romantic one.

Chef Agnimitra Sharma (who has been truly aptly named a Friend of the Fire by his parents who probably foresaw his glorious future  ), led us through the meal that he had specially curated for us, showcasing his favorites … which happily enough, turned out to be our favorites too.
The meal had glimpses of what would be served on D Day … er V Day, from all their restaurants, namely the Indian restaurant Paranda, the multi cuisine Palette, their Mediterranean and Italian Azure and the sweet little pastry shop Caramel.

The Jhinga Tajdar with its gargantuan prawns, the refreshing Prawn cocktail and the extravagant Norwegian lobster – the Luscious Langoustine lying languorously on its lovely platter, just reinforced my belief that sea food is better than Love

The heart shaped Shepherd’s Pie, the Lakkad Gosht and the accompanying rotis and rice, further enhanced the bliss.


The vegetarian Jaituni paneer tikka, Paneer dilrooba and the Tandoori shashlik, were served to appease the lone ‘vegetarian by choice’ at the table … and I am not mentioning who he was, especially since he ended up fighting over the lobster. So much for their hopes of kindling romance in couples

Well on Valentine’s Day, one can look forward to more strife  , as couples will have a difficult time agreeing with each other while they face the difficult task of choosing from one of the four dining options that the restaurants are offering.

A four course set Indian meal at Paranda or a set Mediterranean one at Azure or a lavish buffet at Palette, are the first three options, priced at an all inclusive Rs 5999/- per couple. All meals have a comfortable number of veg items too.
All tables will be laden with chocolates and balloons and hearts of various types, as they at the Taj, go the extra mile to make the event an intimate and memorable one.
The fourth option is to choose either of the set meals, in a candlelit, starlit and moonlit setting, in their open air Banyan Tree Courtyard. The extra romance comes at an all inclusive price of Rs 6999/- per couple  Love hurts huh ?

Well desserts can make everything alright and the Sweethearts (not us) from the pastry shop, were served after our meal. Even the Malpua was carved in the shape of a heart. Everyone Fell in love with the Fallen chocolate cake and the Strawberry cheesecake was also a favorite at the table.

Strawberries and hearts will rule Caramel the pastry shop for the week and there will be a sale of everything strawberry, at great prices that are hard not to love.

So make your way there on Feb 14th and claim your hearts, for if you miss this, you will end up eating your Heart out with envy !!!

Feb 11,2017

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