Watermelon Pizza Salad

By now you probably know that I have this habit of suddenly fixating on a type of dish and then creating a flurry of variants while the ‘josh’ (enthusiasm) lasts.

The previous Pomelo salad post reminded me of another salad that I had put together a few weeks ago when it was raining watermelons here. And just like the pomelo salad, this one is also ridiculously easy while looking terribly important and exotic ūüėÄ

While on the subject of watermelons, I must tell you that during this corona era, I have discovered the joys of using the hitherto discarded rind and those recipes are also straining at their tether, to be released on the blog and to be revealed to you. But let us keep those for another round of josh, for I really hate documenting recipes (psst do not tell anyone I said that) and it takes a lot of self goading to sit and write them down 😎

Watermelon –

This beautiful fruit is available here in Bangalore, India in 2 popular variants. The large, round, light and dark green striped ones and the medium sized, oblong, solid dark green ones.

The sweetness mostly depends on your luck because based on mere appearance, it is hard to tell what kind of a fruit you will be getting. One has to depend on the vendors goodness to get a worthy one.

I have used the oblong variety in this recipe because I find the smaller ones easier to slice and store. You probably know that my fridge is always stuffed with many alien beings, some dating from prehistoric times and hence space is at a great premium here ūüėÄ

Watermelon pizza salad –

Yes so what would qualify this as a salad? Well I might disappoint you when you realize that I am not talking about a traditional pizza made from flour and loaded with cheese but you might not be all that let down when you see the beauty of this salad which resembles a pizza in appearance due to the way the melon is sliced and dressed.

An insanely easy and modifiable recipe, this is one where you can absolutely use any ingredient that takes your fancy and top each watermelon circle with your garnish and dressing of choice. Yes even cheese. Happy now?

Recipe for¬†Watermelon pizza salad –

Time taken –

15 – 20 minutes to prep.


Watermelon – 1 medium oblong variety (recipe is for 1 slice)

Mangosteen – 1

Water apple – 1

Mango – 1

Mint leaves – 10

Zereshk berries – 1 teaspoon

Paneer crumbled – 2 tablespoon (use vegan if desired)

Lime juice – 1 teaspoon

Salt – to taste

Method –

This salad should be prepared just before serving.

Slice a half inch roundel from the melon, along the width.

Peel and keep the mangosteen whole.

Slice the water apple thinly.

Slice the mango.

On each circle place a few of the toppings mentioned above.

Sprinkle some lime juice and salt.

Consume immediately.

If stored even in the fridge, the fruits may begin to release water.

You can cut as many slices as you need and top them before serving.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I would really appreciate if you leave your feedback in the Blog comments.

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