Café felix


Congratulations and felix’itations on the new Café in town. The all day
diner with a view. And what a lovely view that is, with Ulsoor lake and its
islands visible from both the restaurant and the over head Terrace bar.
A shiny wall bears your reFelix’tion as you enter and you find out that the
picture you clicked of the Café’s name, has you embedded in it 😀

Open right from breakfast all the way to dinner, this large, bright, airy
place is as comforting and fresh as the food they serve.




Having accepted the invitation with no preconceived expectations, I was
quite charmed by the soothing ambience and delightful food and drink.



The Avocado and chocolate smoothie, smoothly set us on our journey, along
with the Mixed berry yogurt and the Fig and Feta smoothie.
It was hard to pick favorites here so I decided to take some assistance from
Rosemary … who Red’ily jumped into a glass of vodka and pomegranate
juice and called herself Scarlett !!! She is the Red lady that you see in
the picture 😀


We were urged to try the salads and we had the watermelon with fennel, baby
spinach and walnuts, the Prawn and raw mango salad with Soba noodles, peanuts
and Thai chilli dressing and the Cucumber and tender coconut with Coodles/Cuddles? (which word shall I use for the innovative cucumber noodles/spirals ?)
All 3 salads with their colorful components, were high on freshness and taste and
one could easily make a meal out of them.


We had this great urge to raise a Toast to the Avocado on toast, with its
buttery crushed avocado, goat cheese and tomato salsa on a slice of
sourdough bread. Addictive and low on guilt, this was a platter that was
licked clean !!!


Just as we were wondering if we were done with our quota of health for the
day, there came by the Beet and quinoa burger lying nonchalantly between the
two halves of a sesame brioche and giving us the come hither.
Yes healthy and delicious, just like the accompanying fries … that were
merely delicious I mean but you got that right ? 😀


It was time to throw caution to the winds and delve into the more robust
part of the menu. And we were ably abetted by the melt in the mouth, fat
laden Spicy Korean pork ribs.
A delightful Ricotta and pine nut ravioli with leek and walnut sauce and
topped with roasted asparagus followed, along with a Pizza with chimichuri
prawns, sun dried tomatoes, capers and fennel. There is no meal without


Back to feeling guilty, we took the help of the sunny Carrot Orange juice to
lull our conscience into a false sense of complacency before we assaulted it
once more with a decadent trio of Cheesecake, Lemon meringue tart and Salted
caramel bar.
I think the cheesecake won the combat because the conscience was not heard
of for a while after that !!!


Café felix already seems to be a favorite among visitors to the 1 MG Mall
where it is located and to regular diners too, going by the full tables even
on a weekday. The Terrace Bar opens at night time and will shortly also
serve snacks to go with the drinks.
So visit them soon and you will find yourself reT(er)racing your footsteps
to them, again and again.

Jun 14th, 2017

For more pictures see My Facebook – Café felix

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