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48 East is an online food delivery kitchen that operates from Indiranagar and Marathahalli and aims to bring the best of Asian food right up to our homes at prices that are truly attractive and affordable.
Deriving its name from the fact that there are 48 countries in Asia (I did not know that until now  ), they bring us researched and curated gourmet food, that include even lesser known dishes like the Uzbek Manti, a stuffed dumpling from Uzbekistan.
Doesn’t that sound exotic ?!!!

48 East has a weekly menu that changes every Friday and they sent me all the items from their range for the current week, which certainly were enough to feed all of Bangalore East 

This week most of the dishes were from the Far East and just a few from the middle east, which greatly suited my preference.
They have an almost equal number of veg and non veg items which ensures that people of either preference have enough to choose from.

We had the Steamed Veggie Wontons and the Chicken & Sage Dumpling which were very good when eaten hot. It is not wise to allow them to cool 

As sides, there was the Bulgur and Bean Kibbeh the vegetarian avatar of the kibbeh, served with with tzatziki dip. Though tasty, I found the texture of the kibbeh a bit ‘floury’ and it probably needed a tad more cooking.

Salads consisted of the Gai Du Du – Vietnamese veggie salad with raw papaya and veggies dressed in basil, chilli and lime sauce and the non veg Iranian style Jujeh Kebob Chicken Salad with sun-dried fenugreek scented griddled chicken, with cucumber, chilli, peppers, dressed in mint cream. The chicken salad was excellent with the extremely tender pieces of meat in the delicious creamy dressing.
I would have preferred thinly shredded papaya in the veg salad though, instead of the large slices that were present.

Spicy Leek & Onion chicken soup with caramelized leek, onion, thyme and soya was also a very hearty and flavorful broth and would actually make a meal by iteslf !!!
The golden fried Sriracha fish was Basa and of course at that price that is understandable. This is an item that should be eaten hot or else the batter fried fish tends to become less pleasant.

The mains had the Thai dumpling noodle bowl with vegetable balls in in hot pepper sauce alongside chilli-cilantro noodles. Another hearty dish that was appreciated by the vegetarians at home, as also the Bokkeumbap, the Korean Kimchi mixed Rice with pickled vegetables, scallion, pok choy, tofu and mushrooms. This was served with potato crackers which I actually mistook for prawn crackers because they did not come with a label.
But then I do have a tendency to see prawns even where there aren’t any, don’t I ? 

The Burmese Nan Gyi noodle soup came in a generously large bowl and was another wholesome dish with its whole wheat noodles, vegetables and mushroom in a spicy but tasty curry.
The non veg mains had the Philipino Adobo chicken, chicken cooked Filipino style with veggies and soya and served with fragrant rice and the Ginger scallion Basa fish with Hunan noodles, both of which were nicely done.

From the Asian Lites section, we were sent the Spicy hummus quesadilla, with fresh tortilla stuffed with hummus that was seasoned with lime and peppers and served with labneh spread.
The Persian kotlet burger, a vegan version of the Iranian cutlet with
onions, mashed potatoes, soya granules, parsley, pepper and spices in fresh baked bun with herbed mayo, lettuce, tomato and cheese was a really attractive and healthier alternative for kids.
Likewise the Chicken terrine sub with paprika and thyme infused chicken terrine sandwiched in a fresh baked bread with lettuce, onion and cheese, was also great value for a sub of that size and despite not being a burger or sub kind of person, I was quite impressed with it.
The Omani Chicken shuwa bao with pulled chicken and garlic-cumin yogurt, lettuce, cheese was also excellent.

Desserts this week are the Date halwa martabak with thin pan fried pastry stuffed with a mixture of cooked dates, semolina and nuts cooked in milk and sugar. Very mildly sweet and of melt in the mouth texture.
The Pineapple crumble jar with Pineapple Murrabba, cream and crumble though, was a tad too sweet and full of cream for my liking. It could have done with a little less cream and more of the fruit.

On the whole, their food is filling, flavorful and pretty much value for money. Their generous quantities make for a very satisfying
meal and the changing menu ensures that one can get to experience new items every week.

Prices this week ranged from Rs100 – Rs220.
One can order from www.fortyeighteast.com, if one is Forty’tunate to fall within their delivery area 

For more pictures see My Facebook – 48 East

Jan 21,2017

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