Avocado White Chocolate Mousse

If you have read my previous post on Avocado Guacamole, you will know that my restless palate has now clambered onto the avocado wagon and that means that you will be seeing quite a few back to back avocado recipes here, whether you like it or not 😀

All my love for this fruit, has been poured out in the earlier post, hence in this story we are going to move on straight to the recipe. Those who know me, will know that my definition of ‘straight’ still entails navigating a short bit of rambling 😎

3 years ago I had obtained access to the world’s best avocados ever (or at least the best that I have eaten), from a very old tree that was growing in someone’s house in my locality.

That year too, I had gorged on sack loads of the fruit and also used it in many recipes. One of the best ones (mainly in terms of aesthetic appeal), was the Avocado White Chocolate Mousse that I created. I did not note the proportions then but did manage a picture that I still think is nice.

So this time’s avocado windfall made me recreate the recipe in order to document it for you.

Now if a highly simple process with minimal ingredients and a beautiful output sounds appealing to you, then read on dear reader.

But before proceeding, I want to tell you that the very next year, the above mentioned ancient avocado tree was said to have died a mysterious death. This huge and magnificent specimen that had been around for several decades, apparently just curled up and dried for no reason whatsoever. This was really a massive tragedy because the fruit was truly world class and along with the tree, all my hopes for a sustained supply also died a tragic death.

As my earlier blog post says, this year the Corona situation brought several direct farm sellers to our doorstep and the avocado was one of the leading stars of the produce. Though not as buttery and creamy as the ones from the famous tree, they were good enough to keep me happy and be a part of my recipe experiments.

Recipe for Avocado White Chocolate mousse –

The recipe I had tried earlier, used white chocolate chips because that was all I had at hand then. This time I have used white compound chocolate.

Time taken –

Approximately 30 minutes plus chilling time

Ingredients – 

Pulp of ripe avocado – Approximately 300 gm

White chocolate (use vegan for a vegan version) – 200 gm (see notes)

Lime juice – 1 tablespoon

Salt – 1/4 teaspoon

Liquid glucose – 20 gm (optional)

Method –

Avocado pulp is obtained by slicing ripe avocados and scooping out the flesh and mashing it.

Break the white chocolate to into small pieces and microwave to melt it. I make sure that the chocolate is at room temperature, to facilitate easy melting. The time taken to melt will depend on various factors like individual microwaves, initial temperature of the chocolate etc. Mine took less than 90 seconds, stopping the power and stirring in 3 installments.

I prefer the microwave but it can also be melted in a double boiler.

Once the chocolate turns into a smooth liquid, add the liquid glucose (if using) and stir it in. I used it because I had some lying around and I also thought it would give me a smoother texture.

Then add the lime juice and salt and mix well.

Make sure the avocado pulp is also at room temperature because if it is too chill, then it tends to set the chocolate instantly on contact and you will have hard bits of chocolate interspersed, instead of a smooth texture.

Add the pulp to the chocolate mixture and whisk it in rapidly. I used an electric hand mixer but a Silicon spatula or a balloon whisk should work too, if you are sufficiently endowed in the muscles department and can work rapidly before the chocolate starts setting.

Pour the mixture into a serving bowl and chill in the fridge till it sets. It should not take longer than 30 minutes.

You can also chill the mix and when it is semi set, you can pipe it out.

I like using the empty avocado shells to serve avocado based items and hence I pipe straight into them and continue refrigerating till set.

As you can see, I also pipe onto the leaves since I have access to them via a barren avocado tree that has made its home in my compound.

Notes –

I have tried this recipe earlier with white choco chips. This time I used white compound chocolate. The chocolate is already pre-sweetended, hence I did not use additional sweetener.

I found that the ratio of pulp to chocolate 300 gm : 200 gm, was still a bit too sweet for my liking. You can try using more pulp to reduce the sweetness but make sure that it is not too much as to prevent setting.

I hope you will successfully try this recipe and I would really appreciate if you leave your feedback in the Blog comments.

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