Baking class – Christ University Faculty of Engineering

What does a good engineer turned baker do ? She goes to colleges and tries to corrupt budding engineers to take to baking !!!

Back to school … on the other side of the bench !!!

Many years ago I graduated with a BE degree in Electronics and Communication. However, I did not pursue this career for too long, since circumstances directed me towards the path of raising a family and minding a home and eventually taking to baking as a hobby and passion.


But suddenly out of nowhere, Irony struck and propelled me back into an engineering college, to conduct a baking session for 20 engineering students as a part of their non technical activity at their college fest Magnovite 6.0 at CUFE – the Christ University Faculty of Engineering, Kengeri.

A Twist of roles to demonstrate the Twist of Rolls … a task that I nearly refused to perform due to its exceedingly labor intensive nature, for this 3 day stay required me to carry all my equipment and ingredients right from my oven to the last grain of sugar and also to make do with a venue that was not really ideal for a baking training.

But I have always loved teaching and that crazy voice inside me compelled me to take on the challenge, a decision that I have NO regrets making, since the resulting interaction with 20 eager and enthusiastic students, in the gorgeously verdant and resort like 90 acre environs of CUFE, gave me the best 3 days of my life.

Interacting with 18-21 year olds who were impressively polite, helpful, responsible, talented, bright, intelligent, witty, entertaining and most importantly, humble, respectful and endearingly affectionate, was an experience that I will cherish forever.

I don’t have enough words to thank all of them … Richa my student coordinator and my right hand, who was ever ready to assist with anything, Muneeb Gul my entertainer who kept me laughing through the 3 days and occasionally hummed Oh Carol  , Inzi who chopped vegetables so well that I wanted to take him home  , Juvan who did not allow a sprained leg to keep him away and attended in a wheel chair, Jeush who ‘liked’ all my Instagram posts in the hope of getting baked goods in future , Sarika who took videos of every single movement in the class , the 2 supervising lecturers Sujata Ma’am and Sajna Ma’am who became one with the students and earnestly paid attention, the cleaning lady Padma who cheerfully helped with the washing … and each and every student in my class who overwhelmed me with so much love and said they would miss me and that they just did not want the class to end … well I knew I was going to miss them right back and I did not want it to end either !!!

My efforts were hugely complimented by the feedback that they rated, which was nearly 10/10 on all counts and by the comments saying that this was the most fun they ever had.
Well the feeling was certainly mutual and my students were 10/10 too and this was definitely the most fun I had ever had in a college 

A BIG word of thanks to Ana and to the Christ University based Center for Academic and Professional Support (CAPS), for giving me this opportunity and thanks to the other amiable co trainers, whose company made my stay even more blissful.
Last but not least, thanks to the student volunteers at the college, who treated us like revered guests and worked tirelessly to make our stay comfortable and due to which, none of us wanted to leave the place ever 

For more pictures see My Facebook – Baking class – CUFE

Mar 1st,2nd,3rd,2017

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