Fish Chain – Official Launch

Mar 8th,2017

Have you ever made a Wish for Fish … to be sold under hygienic conditions, right in your yard ?

Well then, Fish Chain is here to grant your desires, with vans that will drive right up to your home, bearing fish that goes from Port to Plate in the shortest possible time … and the only catch in this deal being the fresh catch itself πŸ˜€


Fish Chain began operations in Bangalore in Jan’17 but had their official launch only in March. Knowing what a great fish lover I am, fate conspired to have me attend this informative and educative event in the vast and verdant environs of the Jayamahal Palace Hotel.

Naveen Chander, COO and Ray Nathan, CEO, the people behind this venture, sought to enlighten us on their business model that is driven by innovation and technology and involves ethical methods to benefit the fisherman and make quality seafood accessible and affordable to the customer, primarily in land locked regions since these places are not so fortunate to have access to fresh seafood..
The fish is sourced from both the East and West coast.

They also stress on involving more womenfolk throughout the entire process. They are collaborating with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation to find ways to support the hitherto marginalized fisherwomen, with 100% profits going back to support and build their community.

Dr Praveen Jacob, medical director of Apollo Naturopathy Hospital & Research Centre located at Kumbalagodu, briefed us on the curative properties of Omega 3 fatty acids and other health benefits obtained by consuming quality sea food. Not that I needed any convincing of course πŸ˜€

The session was followed by a visit to the van and of course a sumptuous seafood-centric lunch that had us crunching on ‘octopuses’ (I prefer calling them Octopi since that sounds like a Pie made of octopus), fresh plump prawns, delicious slices of seer, deep fried crabs, rings of Calamari and majestic grilled lobsters !!! A meal that was a seafood lover’s delight.


Fish Chain has their vans currently servicing the Hennur Road area but they plan to diversify their operations throughout Bangalore using vans, home delivery systems and even stores. Those who wish to learn more about them can connect with them via their phone number or their website which is in progress, once it is fully operational.

Mar 8th,2017


For more pictures see My Facebook – Fish Chain-Official Lanch

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