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As you would have seen in my earlier post on HakkaChow  I have spoken about the food and beverage industry which has now turned to keeping itself thriving via the system of home delivery, after being gravely wounded by the pandemic.

HakkaChow is a part of the portfolio of Lounge Hospitality by Embassy Leisure, which is launching a series of cuisines providing dine at home experiences that are user-friendly, delicious, follow safety protocols and yet manage to be pocket friendly.

Also, as mentioned in that post, I had given a spoiler alert to their other upcoming brands namely the Bangalore Pizza Company, the Tex Mex brand called Mad Mex and our very own North Indian fare under the name Garam Masala.

HakkaChow heralded the parade, followed by the Bangalore Pizza Company and today it is the turn of the pizza to bathe in my blog’s limelight 😀

So let us literally unbox the package which my friend Chef Vikas the Culinary Director, has sent across and let us see what lies within its eco friendly exterior.

Chef Vikas is well known name in Bangalore, being synonymous with the popular Sanchez and Sriracha brands.

The pizzas – 

Chef Vikas, tells us that the slow and old fashioned process of making these pizzas involves a 48 hour slow rise of the dough, hand stretching and shaping the bases with no usage of rolling pin, topping them with a range of cheeses and finally finishing them off in a wood fired oven, ensuring that the flavor and texture are enhanced before we finish them off 😀

The Menu –

The menu is sufficiently wide ranging and has an array of pizzas which incorporate garden fresh, locally sourced toppings.

The menu has a balanced mix of veg and non veg.

The former has interesting choices like pulled jackfruit, charred corn, house oven dried tomatoes etc and the latter includes chicken, pork and lamb.

The pizzas are available in 8 inch and 11 inch in size and there is also the DIY make it yourself variety where you can knock yourself out with the options 😀

They also have a signature focaccia that is drenched in olive oil and accompanied by dips that make your fingers itch to be licked 😀

What caught my fancy was also the gluten free variant with its millet and vegetable base. Currently available only in veg, this is going to be exciting for those who are on the look out for such options.

The desserts are standard across their new brands and currently consist of the very same Chocolate Mousse with peanut tuille and the Tres Leches cake. And really, no one is complaining 😀

My tasting menu –

My arsenal consisted of the Focaccia with Pesto dip and garlic dip, the All Margherita topped with mozzarella, bocconcini and hand torn basil on their house classic pizza sauce, Mushroom and Olive with a generous covering of the same and the Super pepperoni studded with pork pepperoni.

Enjoy the visuals and the Instagram video at the end.


Pork Pepperoni


Mushroom and olives

Gluten free veg


Contact details –

Order through Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo to your preferred location. The detailed menu is available on these platforms.

The menu is also available on the Facebook Page of Bangalore Pizza Company.

Delivery Timings – 11:30 – 10:30 pm

Delivery Locations – 


You can also use Swiggy Genie or Dunzo to any location in Bangalore.

Priced at –  INR 295 upwards (plus tax)

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Sep 16th, 2020


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