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Because there is no such thing as too much drama 

Bangalore, the city that is ever hungry for food and entertainment, welcomes the new entrant that promises Both in good measure, in the form of Broadway, the gourmet theater … where the chefs perform and the food entertains !!!

The restaurant is situated high up on the top floor of the building, where from a position of vantage, one has a sweeping view of the adjacent green, military land on one side and the vehicles thundering down the ring road, on the other side.
The large indoor airy hall with its stone flooring, can seat around 80
people and the rest of the tables on the open air terrace, make a good spot to enjoy a nice evening meal in a cool ambience (pun intended).
In the daytime however, the noise of the traffic does carry a bit and sitting outside might not be conducive to having a quiet time.

Serving global fare, Broadway also has a dedicated Japanese kitchen where the skilled Chef Shiva gets into action and creates his signature dishes.
The restaurant is a boon for those who have felt the lack of this cuisine in this locality.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a tasting, where Tanvi Chandan the corporate chef took us through some of her signature dishes, alongside our picks from the Japanese menu … and while I awaited the food, my red lips were kept company by their Red Lips, a cocktail of vodka, basil, pomegranate juice and passion fruit syrup from their bar 

Being keen to try the Japanese, we started with the sushi and sashimi. We requested for a small platter of California Maki, Ebi Tempura prawns ura maki and the Salmon sashimi.
The California maki with crab, cucumber, avocado and Tobiko was excellent with the Tobiko (orange colored roe of the flying fish) popping playfully on our tongues. With such delightful roe, it was bound Tobiko’uite the experience !!!
The Ebi Tempura Maki was again a prawn lovers crunchy delight.
The Sashimi was fresh since the fish they procure is just within 3 to 5 days of the catch and not the frozen variety. They also buy the whole fresh fish and fillet it themselves.

From the Asian appetizers we had the Gochujang Cottage cheese floss, with paneer sticks marinated in the Korean hot chilli and bean paste and wrapped in delicate Kadaif noodles and deep fried to a crisp. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, these went perfectly with their accompanying sweet chilli sauce.
Though we were in a very Asian mood  , the chef wanted us to try the Mexican Cornets, the wonton sheet cones filled with refried beans, salsa, sour cream and guacamole, which were aesthetically appealing and refreshing, with their chilled fillings.
However the lure of the East was too strong and we were bacon’ed enticingly to come hither, by the Asian Braised Pork Belly. With its small cubes of pork belly marinated in Asian spices and sauces for 4 hours and then slow cooked in the oven for another 2 hours, this was melt in the mouth and truly Bellicious !!!

Chef Shiva tantalized us yet again with the Teppanyaki Prawns from the Teppan grill and needless to say that these were perfectly done with their coating of garlic butter sauce.
With food coma creeping over us, all we needed to complete feeling
stoned, were the Stoned Scallops and that’s exactly what the sizzling baby scallops seared live at the table on a volcanic lava stone grill and served topped with chenin blanc butter, herbs and panko crumbs did to us !!!
That was a long sentence and that’s how breathless we were with all that food but we were not permitted to be done yet  and we were cajoled into trying the Ho Mok and Shabu Shabu.
The coconut and fish lover in me, had no regrets tasting the Ho Mok, with its steamed grouper served with jasmine rice, creamy coconut sauce and water chestnut sauce.
For the Shabu Shabu, we chose the light and flavorful Tom Yum broth with glass noodles, vegetables and squid, which was rather ideal under the circumstances 

One cannot say no to dessert when one is offered the Guava chilli and black salt Sorbet !!! This tongue tingling creation, captures the simplicity of eating on the streets and combines it with the intricacy of fine dining and makes for an exciting end to a grand meal.
My weakness for Tab Tim Krob, compelled me to order this ubiquitous Thai dessert with water chestnut rubies in coconut milk. However, if I really have to nit pick, I must say that this was not chilled sufficiently and also I was not happy with the presence of strawberries and kiwi jostling for prominence among the water chestnuts. I would have preferred the crunch and neutral taste of my water chestnuts, uninterrupted by the softness and tartness of the other fruit.
But then we do have a saying in Konkani which translates to – When the stomach is full, even sweet jackfruit tastes bitter  and before I am accused of being guilty of that, I will end my tale.

Catch the ‘show’ at Broadway … with sizzle, smoke and fire.
We were not able to order too many dishes that combined action too. But then there is always a next time … for this show will certainly go on 

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Jan 11,2017

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