Communiti – launch

The foodie community of Bangalore has yet another reason to go Mmmmmm !!!
The city that is rapidly growing into a food paradise, has a new entrant in its midst.

With an innummmmmerable number of Ems in its logo, Communiti is the new kid on the block … and a very centrally located block I must say !!!

The huge space encompasses two floors, with a bar, a bakery section, garden seating, a wood fired furnace for pizzas, the community tables and even a pet friendly area on the ground level.

The upper floor has an impressive library bar with muted music, cubicles with low seating alongside a wall that bears thousands of color pencils bonding together to form a line of Ms, a smoking section with a wall that is entirely made up of miniature exhaust fans (it was too Exhaust’ing to count them ), … and of course again, the long community tables that can seat several people at a stretch.

Large works of art that have been created by chiseling away at the plaster, lend a unique appearance to some of the walls.
The aspiring microbrewery quietly waits in the sidelines, in anticipation of its license.

The very savvy staff made sure that everyone was well taken care of … not an easy feat at a launch that had almost all of Bangalore’s community gathered there 

We wish this New Year’s baby, good luck and many years of success.

For more pictures see My Facebook – Communiti – Launch

Jan 6,2017

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