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The Diabetic Food Trail is founded by Seema Pinto and Manoj Pinto and organized by Semora Entertainment Works along with Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials and Biocon. Britannia Industries is one of India’s leading food companies and Biocon is the largest Indian Insulins Company.

The trail started on Nov 12,2016 with Diabetic Master classes and Diabetic Fitness Boot camps across many leading cities across the country. The objective of this health initiative is to spread awareness in the food industry, regarding the need to offer healthy, diabetic friendly cuisine.


The Food Trail will continue to offer special diabetic friendly menus across participating restaurants until Nov 30,2016. The menus include new as well as tweaked dishes, made suitable for diabetics both calorie wise and nutrition wise and have been crafted by chefs and well known nutritionists. There is also a choice of sugar free desserts, so that one’s sweet tooth does not feel left out and one can enjoy a complete meal.

Around 24 of Bangalore’s leading restaurants are taking part in this cause, by showcasing an impressive range of special diabetic friendly menus that are tasty as well as healthy.

Since healthy foods are my area of interest, I was pleased to sample from the menu at Caperberry, which is well known for its fine food and ambience.

The well crafted menu had healthy foods presented in a most attractive manner, busting all myths that such food could not be appealing !!!

I actually had trouble choosing from the range, since everything looked that Sweet 

With help from the savvy staff, I started with the Smoked Yellow Bell Pepper Espuma with Tahina, togarashi, cumin, almond and sesame oil. Light and airy and with the pepper flavor making its presence so subtly felt in the foam, this was an amazing start to my meal.

The Sous Vide Poached Chicken Salad with Avocado, pistachio, cracked pepper, passion fruit dressing and balsamic reduction, was outstanding too, with the tender meat and fresh avocado just melting in the mouth. This is normally served with Poached egg which I requested them to avoid, since I do not eat egg.

For the mains, the fish lover in me went with the Romesco Powder Crusted John Dory fish with carrot-orange puree and tomato relish served with a citrus quinoa salad alongside. The delightfully textured salad was a perfect match for the creamy fish.

Being a millet enthusiast and also a staunch user of local foods, I was curious to see how they had used millets in their risotto. The Risotto Style Quinoa and Millet, with asparagus, garlic and parmesan lived up to my enthusiasm, with the jowar and quinoa cooperating with each other in an east meets west resonance … you know … the Millet sur mera Quinoa types … (please take the liberty of pronouncing it as Queen’noah instead of Keenwah, to match the beat of the song) 

Dessert was the Sugar-free Belgian Chocolate Decadence (Eggless) on a bed of Britannia Nutri Choice Cookie Crumble and fresh berries and also a Pannacotta (eggless and sugar free) with orange compote, vanilla sauce and a crunchy tuille crown sitting atop.

Well despite the low calories and gorgeous presentation, I did find them to be a tad on the sweeter and denser side and my feedback was duly noted by the staff.

There is more on the menu that one should try out, not just here but at all the participating restaurants, so make sure you do not miss this experience.

Clichéd as my impromptu rhyme may sound, health is wealth and

Lifestyle modification, healthy diet and regular exercise will go a long way
In keeping many ills at bay 

Seema Pinto also hopes and envisions that in the years to come, restaurants will serve a healthy and diabetic friendly menu as part of the regular menu, thereby giving people a continued choice to eat healthy all year through and not just at events like this.

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Nov 23,2016

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