CP Foods and an evening with Mary Kom

Mary re’Kom’mends CP Foods !!!

Privileged to be invited to spend an evening with the Magnificent Mary Kom, the Olympic Indian boxer and also brand ambassador of CP Foods India

The event was organized by the Thailand-based company Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited (CP Foods), which is already well known locally for their Five Star chicken outlets.
The agenda for the evening was to make us aware of their ready to cook packaged foods which they have introduced a few months ago in India.

The production takes place at their fully integrated chicken processing plant in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh in an environmentally controlled atmosphere that results in maintaining strict hygiene and food safety standards, ensuring high quality and creating tasty products, in a farm to fork distribution.
The birds are reared in humane conditions and have a low risk of diseases and stress. They are antibiotic free and are raised without any artificial or added hormones.
Halal standards are strictly followed in the certified manner.

Apart from CP Frozen Chicken and CP Chilled Chicken in various cuts, they have the ready to cook CP Easy Snacks with around 12 non veg and 5 veg variants.
Also striving to cater to local tastes, some of their interesting snacks include Spicy Chicken Sheekh kabab, Lazeez pudina murg kabab, Hariyali cheezy chicken patty, Masaleydar aloo patty etc.
They also have a range of breakfast sausages and are even coming out with veg and non veg biryanis.

The snacks come in various visually alluring shapes and sizes and are also spiced just right so as to appeal to children.

We sampled all the items and washed them down with their 2 in house beverages in Lemon and Green apple flavors.

While the taste and quality of everything was above reproach, the cheezy chicken herbed fingers were a hit among most of us.
In my opinion though, the biryani would need a bit more work to enhance the flavor.

Well of course everything was relegated to the back burner with the arrival of the amazing Mary Kom, which was a highly Kom’mendable achievement, since foodies do not usually get distracted from their main love which is … food naturally 😛

Simple, humble and really really tiny :-O , it was hard to imagine that this petite frame could pack a Punch … of course we did not put our doubts to the test 😀

Accompanied by her equally and most endearingly modest husband and twins, she patiently gave us the honor of interacting and being photographed with her and her family.

We were told that she loved the CP sausages and her kids loved some of the other snacks.

Kom and try our CP Foods, should be their tag line … but then who asks me for my opinion ??? 😀

Dec 9,2016


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