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Do you like your sushi all disciplined, demure and rolled up’tight (pun intended) ? Or would you like to get all unruly and unroll’your sushi ?

Well the good folks at Fatty Bao are getting all persuasive and urging the Sushi to get Pushi and break out of its cocoon, to metamorphose into many liberating forms.

We were invited to a preview of the Sushi Unrolled festival, where Executive Chef Prashanth has created 14 variant flavors, in forms that include Sandwich sushi with the rice sandwiched between a banana leaf below and the toppings … on top of course :-D, Pita pocket sushi wrapped innovatively in seasoned, deep fried tofu pockets, a taco style sushi, and even a pizza one with a delightful sushi rice pizza base. And finally to wrap up the unroll, they have a roll in the form of the Hosomaki sushi which is rolled, fried, sliced and topped with cheese.

So yeah, this is how they (un)Roll !!!

A few (many) of the sushi that we tasted were,

The non vegetarian  –

Cross Bred Tuna Pizza sushi with yuzu marinated thin slices of tuna, jalapeño, cream cheese mayo, tobiko (flying fish roe), fried capers and mustard cress.

Cross Bred Salmon Taco with Sriracha mayo, spicy salmon, yuzu salsa, tobiko and avocado.

Smoked Mackerel Sandwich Sushi,

The Liberal Tobimayo Pita Pocket with crab meat, tobiko mayo, chives, shallots, bonito flakes, avocado, crispy gari and prawn crackers.

The Spicy Tempura Fried Prawn Roll

and The Cheesy Beef Roll.

There was nothing to fault in any of the forms but the Pita pockets filled with crab meat were the favorite and had a few of us trying to Claw our way into grabbing more. Well the helpful staff made sure that we got extra helpings so that we did not get crabby 😀

Rainbow Spin Sandwich Sushi and The Progressive Vegetarian Pita Pocket were the 2 vegetarian options that were served to us. We ate up the colorful rainbow but studiously ignored the Pita, assuming it would pale in front of its crustacean counterpart. I paid for my disdain after I found out much too late, that the tofu sheet had ensconced miso lotus root, smoked spicy tofu, cucumber and sweet potato crisp … Yes I love lotus root as much as I love crab.

There was also a tasting of a few of the offerings from the new menu. The Cold Green Tea Noodle Salad was crisp and spicy and a lovely shade of green. The Smoked Sriracha Pork Spare Ribs had the meat falling off the bone but could have done with a little more oomph in the spice.


Of course our favorite Asian Gastrobar lived up to the high bar that it has set (actually literally) and we rolled down our sushi with a few choice cocktails like the Wasabi Drop and Forbidden fruit, which no one forbade us from having.


Dessert meant indulging in the Warm Apricot Pudding, Brick Toast  and the Peanut Butter and Milk Chocolate Torte where the accompanying ice cream melted as we were shooting … and so we got another helping 😀 How’s that for a well Torte out strategy ?


Sushi Unrolled is happening at both lunch and dinner at The Fatty Bao, from March 22nd – April 8th, 2018, across Mumbai (Powai, Andheri, Bandra, Lower Parel), Bangalore and Kolkata.

The menu is a la carte and prices range from INR 395 to INR 645 per dish. The sushi is available in vegetarian and non vegetarian options and a meal for 2 could be in the region upwards of Rs.1500 ++/

The Fatty Bao at Bangalore, is at –

3rd Floor # 610, 12th Main Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore- 560 038. Call +91 80 44114499

For more pictures see My Facebook – Fatty Bao-Sushi Unrolled

Mar 18th, 2018




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