Millet Workshop

Introduction –

I am a food and travel enthusiast and I write about restaurants, resorts etc in order to publicize them on social media. I also am a Locavore and believe in using and promoting local produce and grains like Millets. I have worked with the Govt. of Karnataka to promote their National and International Trade Fairs on Organics and Millets, held in April 2017 and Jan 2018 respectively.

In addition, I conduct Millet workshops at my house and also at Hotel Management colleges, cooking/baking institutes, local community layouts, restaurants, hotels, resorts (for chefs/guests), etc.

Intended Audience –

Anyone above the age of 9, who would be interested in learning about these ancient grains and their health benefits and cooking methods. This would be of interest to everyone, since it talks of a healthy lifestyle via a clean diet. By the end of the session I expect to spread awareness of these grains and make them easier to use, so that more people would turn to them. These grains are said to be Good for the Farmer, Good for the Planet and Good for You.

Timings –

Usually a morning session of 3-4 hours. Preferably weekdays but also weekends depending on my availability.

Detailed course content –

There will be an initial 20-30 min presentation explaining some basics about millets, followed by a talk which will cover various possible ways of cooking with different millets.

In a 3-4 hour session, I would be able to demonstrate 5 recipes, one each from the 5 sections below.  Course ware can also be customized for groups that come together.

Items would be of the type indicated below or similar, many of  which would also be vegan.

Some examples would be –

a) Traditional items –

  1. Multi Millet Dosa – Ragi, Jowar, Bajra
  2. Ragi/multi millet rotti
  3. Millet oat rava idli
  4. Paniyaram
  5. Rava dosa

b) Main starch items –

  1. Khara Pongal
  2. Fried Rice
  3. Pulao
  4. Khichdi
  5. Pasta (using pasta maker)

c) Soup or Snack items –

  1. Millet cutlets
  2. Millet cheese balls
  3. Millet soup (veg – mushroom or pumpkin or sweet potato or carrot etc)

d) Drinks and Desserts –

  1. Badam milk
  2. Beet millet shake
  3. Spicy millet kokum lassi
  4. Millet chocolate mousse
  5. Kesaribath
  6. Phirni

e) Bakes –

  1. Millet cake
  2. Cake rusk
  3. Millet Brownie
  4. Millet cookie
  5. Millet bread/bun
  6. Bread sticks
  7. Pizza base

(Please note that yeast bakes will contain only some percentage of millets)

The students/audience who will be attending, will be provided a  sample of all the items, to taste.

Printed Course material will be provided.

Some pictures of the Millet creations –

Kodo Millet Badam Milk – Vegan

Multimillet Rusk

Little Millet chocolate mousse

Millet cheese balls

Multimillet Brownie

Beet Almond Millet shake


Charges and Terms of payment –

At my house –

The charge for these sessions would vary depending on the number of participants and the customization needed and would be in the region of Rs 1500 per participant. Fee to be paid in advance.

At client locations – 

The Class charges will depend on deliverables and number of participants.

To and fro transport to the training location will have to be provided or the costs will have to be reimbursed by the client.

In case of outstation workshops, the boarding, stay and related costs will also have to be covered by the client.

The fee will have to be paid in advance, latest by 2 days prior to the session. The transport will be on actuals.

Training Room Setup at client location –

The necessary millets will be provided by me or by the client (this can be discussed) but the rest of the ingredients/utensils/equipment/appliances will have to be provided by the client.

A detailed list of all that is needed, will be sent as soon as the payment is made.

I would also need a Laptop, LCD projector and screen to display the PPT.

If you would need additional millets to be placed on sale, then please indicate in advance.

Other Terms and Conditions –

Photography is permitted but no video recording of the session will be allowed.

Contact Details –

Name   : Caroline Radhakrishnan

Email   :

Cell      :  Please request on mail

Social Media Handles –


Instagram @currylines

Twitter @tweetcurrylines


FB page


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6 Responses to Millet Workshop

  1. Anusha says:

    Hii,i want to learn , attend to the classes, please let me know,if u conduct

    • Caroline Radhakrishnan says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest. However I am currently not conducting any classes.

  2. Santhosh Katakam says:


    Is there any ongoing workshop on cooking with millets

    • Caroline Radhakrishnan says:

      Hi thanks for your interest. Currently there are no classes but pl send your phone number and I will revert when I plan one.

  3. Shiva says:

    Very good effort to spread healthy food habit.

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