Go cheese tasting with Chef Ranveer Brar

How does one begin an event that is all about cheese ? With cheesy lines of course 😀
Go cheese in association with Femina, invited us to join celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar at the Biere Club for an evening of cheese tasting, wine pairing and rib tickling and stand up comedian Sahil Shah also known as Sahil Bulla (or as we say in hindi – usko Sahil Bulla’they hain), began the event with his hilarious show that had nothing to do with cheese 😀 But why not I say, as long it made us laugh !!!
This was followed by the more somber Mahesh Israni, Chief Marketing Officer at Parag Milk Foods, who spoke about the history and ambitions of the company and the brands that sold under it.
Parag is a leading private Dairy player in the Indian market and sells products under the brand names Gowerdhan and Go. Gowerdhan is the label that matches its traditional items like ghee and butter and Go represents the trendier ones like the various types of cheese, cheese spreads, ready to drink milk and buttermilk and such. Basically for people on the Go, in case you have not yet made the connection 😀
Chef Ranveer Brar or as I like to say in the context, Ranveer Brie 😀 took over and guided us through our cheese platters that had the Colby, orange Cheddar and Gouda as he informed us that though these cheeses derive their names from their places of origin, neither of these are actually manufactured in those places any more.
He also put forth his ideas on using cheese innovatively with an Indian twist, which also included Khakras with cheese which apparently is a big hit in Gujarat.
The second platter that we sampled from, had an assortment of snacks made using Go cheese. Beetroot Carpaccio rolled up with Herb Almette and mini greens, Oozy Cheesy pepper Calzone with the sweet and sour agrodolce sauce, Crumbly triangles of fried Cheese with chilli grape Chutney, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheesy flour Nachos with avocado salsa and Toasty bruschetta with Biere mustard, sliced cheese, tomatoes and olives.
There was wine of course and the cheeses were accompanied by their red and white consorts, the Krsma K2 and Sauvignon Blanc respectively. Tips on pairing by Chef Ranveer, included the easy to remember one that said, the more mature the cheese, the darker the wine and also the most important tip in life – when in doubt, be unafraid to break all rules and just do what pleases you 😀 
And yes let us not forget the sweet note that we ended on, with Saffron cream Syllabub with fresh fruits and crumbled biscotti and a Hummingbird Cake topped with Almette cheese and edible Flowers.
The evening came to a close but not without saying cheese … with numerous selfies and pictures with the dashing chef.
And then we were good to Go along with the generous goodie bag from Go, the contents of which, included the coveted Almette and a Monday to Friday pack of 5 varieties of cheese slices in very local flavors like Kacha Aam, Fiery Achari and Minty green chutney.
So the next time you are out shopping, GO for it and pick up their products (and enough with these puns already 😀 )
Dec 5,2016
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