The Fatty Bao – Night Market Food Festival

The Fatty Bao, the Asian gastro bar is one of my favorite places and I am always delighted to be a part of their preview sessions. This time’s Night market, was no less delightful, as this feast from the east brings to us street food grills and night market treats … yes at lunch time too … have you any objection? I thought not 

With fairy lights, banners and buntings setting the ambience and our spirits being raised by their spirits of course, their Experiments with Root and Fruit brought forth some zingy cocktails made using flowers, seeds, leaves, roots and stems … I speak the Truth.

We began with the drinking and went on to the eating … and then the repeating and I chose the Mi So Happy because anything with a scope to pun makes Me’so’happy right ? The Miso mustard jam and ginger with a dash of vodka set the mood alright, though I found it a tad on the sweeter side. Of course there was the customary tasting of each other’s drinks and sips were also had of the Forbidden Fruit, a fruity plum puree and grapefruit ginger syrup, with tequila, the TaMatcha, a blend of basil leaves, matcha syrup and rum and the Yoko Oh No with martini, basil, cucumber and lime that they should have named Yoko Oh Yes  (have I mentioned before that they never ask my opinion ?)

Chef Prashanth’s starters set the pace for the food and we were served the Vegetarian Temari Sushi. One can have the temari’ty to serve veg to a non vegetarian crowd only when it is as good as this !!! The 8 piece platter of thread ball sushi with seasonal vegetables, was delicious and healthy.

We needed our non veg fix too and the Tuna Oshizushi, the pressed sushi with Soy caviar, took care of that.

The grill brought forth the Fried stinky tofu with scallion and chilli sauce and though I am not into tofu, I was glad that I quite liked it because it was followed by the Quail eggs and Hashimaki, the Japanese omelette … and I don’t eat eggs !!!
I think the other’s enjoyed it though and as I was MoPing they brought out the Mu Ping, the Thai Grilled marinated Pork Tenderloin served with Papaya Salad (shouldn’t it be Mu Pig ?), which I quite liked.
The char grilled Filipino muslim style Mindanao beef skewers with tender cubes of meat was next on our plates and also the delicious Firecracker chicken wings stuffed with basil jasmine rice.

From the platters we had the Kushikatsu seafood with fish, prawns, squid and oysters and my expectations were probably a bit high or maybe I don’t like my seafood fried to a crisp, for apart from the squid, I was not too impressed with the rest of the platter. Utni Kushi nahin hui 

The Kushikatsu veg platter with Lotus root, eggplant, mushrooms and potatoes sounded very interesting too but we did not taste this one.

Fatty Bao never fails with its desserts and the Tokyo Banana, an airy sponge cake with banana custard and caramelized banana ice cream, did not disappoint. The Lokot Lokot with its intricate rice net with jaggery custard is also something to Lok’out for, with its crisp exterior and delicious insides.

The festival is on from Fri, Dec 16,2016 all the way to next year … yeah that is Jan 1st, 2017 

They are giving you a lot of time to end your year deliciously !!!

Sorry for the night time bad shots. Pic no. 1 is borrowed from them to give you a better view.

For more pictures see My Facebook – Fatty Bao-Night Market Food Festival

Dec 11,2016

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