Oct 14,2016

Thank God its (stir) Fry day !!!

How does one get High, early on a Fri ? By taking the scenic route via the non stop elevator to the 31st floor of the World Trade Center, Bangalore !!!


High with its panoramic 360 degree view of a vast Bangalore that still looks comfortingly green, is a modern Asian Bar and Restaurant. Spread across 10,000 sq ft of space, it is separated into 4 identities. High Mix, known to be the longest Bar in Bangalore, High Edge, the private dining corner with its sharp edge thrusting itself out into literally thin air, High Dine the fine dine area and High View with its open terrace seating, with a glimpse of the helipad above and beautiful sunsets in the … er evening of course 😀

I was pleased to be invited to a masterclass by the talented chefs Myo, Rabi and Santosh at High Ultra Lounge, that showcased tips and tricks to achieve the perfect Stir Fry.
Chef Rabi took us through the history of stir frying, right from its inception in 206 BC with the Chinese Han dynasty.

The demonstration conducted us through three recipes that began with the Baby corn and eggplant, resulting in a crisp rendition of the said vegetables, coated in a flavorful soya and butter sauce.
Next to grace the pan, was the Mixed vegetable stir fry with a medley that included Lotus stem, asparagus, bell peppers etc.
And finally we witnessed the creation of absolutely tender boneless chicken breasts tossed in black bean sauce.

While the chefs led by example, willing volunteers were guided through the process that included the art of tossing the food in the pan … while making sure not to toss it Out of the pan 😀


Refreshing mocktails accompanied the food and kept spirits high … even without Spirits at High 😀


Oct 14th ,2016

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