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*Edit – This place does not exist anymore*

I have never had the pleasure of dining at Nimisserie until now, despite the fact that it is nearly a year old now and that almost everyone I know has been there and done that. Hence their new menu that I was invited to experience, was a new to me in more ways than one.

Nimisserie the restaurant named eponymously after Chef Nimish Bhatia (Nimish’Siree, get it ?  ), is based on Aspect cuisine which he defines as a Cuisine created according to his aspect or view. Striving to break away from the familiar and mundane, he has incorporated his radical thoughts on how food should be enjoyed, resulting in Aspect’acular presentation and an experiencing of a multitude of tastes and textures in every bite. Celebrations plated, is how they describe themselves !!!


The bling extends right from the pleasantly flashy ambience and permeates right down to the dramatic presentation of the food.
Gold colored table mats add to the shine of the already well lit space and Golden curtains drape the large windows.

The urge to be different does not stop at the food. The Kebaberie section has the tandoor that breaks norms and protrudes rebelliously in a horizontal display of defiance. The Naanerie is certainly not where the nuns reside but is the source of their breads. The Tawakerie is the open grill. All this prompted me to suggest that they have a curry section termed CurryKerie and Chef Nimish was good natured enough to appreciate the wordplay. Not so my companions at the table, who threatened to commit hara’Kerie if I did not stop 
Molecular gastronomy makes for more drama and the froth and foam and spheres of ‘food caviar’, dominate every presentation, albeit in an interesting manner.

While they do have the usual main menu or Sharing menu as they call it, with easily recognizable and traditional dishes, their USP lies in their degustation menus that are popular with diners since they are an apt way of sampling the choicest of their fare. They have a 5,7,9 and even 11 course menu that one could pick from depending on how elaborate a meal one chooses to have.
New dishes have been introduced in the main menu as well as these little menus and the latter will be changed every 3–4 weeks in order to maintain the level of excitement, especially among frequent diners.

We were served a meal that began with a complimentary amuse bouche. A papdi base topped with guava chutney and surrounded by ruby like spheres of pomegranate and mint caviar. A papdi that was deliberately stiffer than usual, in order to withstand the consistency of the topping.
This single bite-sized hors d’œuvre with multiple tastes and textures, was intended to make us hunger for what would follow … and it certainly aroused curiosity in the ‘first timers’ at the table.

The parade was led by the Potli sack pack of feta cheese in a delicately shaped fold of melon Carpaccio. One has to be quick while grasping and transporting it to the mouth, while sliding it through the sauce en route 

This was followed by Cherry wood smoked salad of prawn, lavender, marigold and rocket lettuce, which came with the dressing contained in a glass cone. This fresh and crunchy salad was delightful and I would been happy making a meal out of it.

However, it was soon overshadowed by the Creamed yellow corn soup with truffle foam and shaved dried mushrooms, which sent many at the table into raptures with its subtle flavors and creamy texture.

The mutton sukkhad on a dhokla pillow and lemon foam was next, served on a platter smeared with beet paint. The mutton preparation chosen to top its dhokla cushion was kept dry on purpose to prevent the Dhokla from becoming a Soak’la 
A dhokla that also was dehydrated a bit on a tawa, in order to bear its meaty load without collapsing.

For the next course, I opted for the fish instead of chicken and I was served the Fish 3 ways with fried, grilled and curried versions of Red snapper. The dry preparations could have done with a little more sauce or chutney but the Curried fish with moilee cream and string hoppers, were a delight to my seafood loving soul.

Chicken Aati Mati swung by swaddled in a little roti that hung from a clothes clip. This was accompanied by a strong orange sauce that I was happy lick up just like that !!! The chef believes that one should ‘play’ with one’s food to enhance the entire experience and with such a dish, the game is AatiMati’cally on !!!

The mango cardamom instant frozen ice cream, made instant through the magic of Liquid Nitrogen, brought an end to the meal. I did feel that the dessert did not match the drama of the rest of the meal and could have been more imaginative. However, we did get to try the rasgulla embedded in a translucent cube and cu’be or not cu’be, rasgullas always find favor with me.

Uniqueness comes at a price and the menus range from around Rs 1000 – Rs 4000.

Go visit them for a novel dining experience. The chef personally attends to his guests and makes sure everyone is welcomed and guided through his vision.

I wish them well in their endeavor to entertain through the medium of food … and at the risk of sounding terribly clichéd, I would decree – May the froth be with you !!!

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Nov 5th ,2016

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