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Feb 22nd,2015

Thanks to the initial sample of the Valentine’s Day heart shaped donuts, a few of us had no problem deciding what to gift one of our friends when we had to give her a Thankyou present. And being smart, we knew we should give her something that all of us could dig into !!! We are devious like that 🙂

So we ordered this box of Two Dozen donuts from MOD – Mad Over Donuts. After all who Dozen’t like donuts ???


And apart from being an item that would interest foodies (yes most of my friends are such. I pick my company well), the n’Ice part is that one can have one’s message custom’Iced on the donuts. The alphabets er … alphaBites are piped on the white chocolate topping, conveying your message in literally the sweetest manner and this is one instance where you would actually long to Eat Your Words !!!
And as you Break through the white chocolatey armor, Sink through the dough’nutty lightness and finally Drown in the dark, gooey, ganachey insides, you will realize why they call it the ‘Box of Happiness’ !!!

But of course for people like me, all this potential to pun is really the Icing on the … er Donut !!!

A box cost us Rs 750/- and we had to place an order a minimum 24 hours in advance. One hour per donut 🙂

So make sure your victim er … giftee lives or works in your vicinity and find an excuse to gift !!!

Feb 22nd,2015

For more pictures see My Facebook – Mad Over Donuts-Alpha’Bites

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