Sheraton Bangalore, Korean Food Festival

Feb 20th,2015

An invitation to the Korean Food festival at the Sheraton Bangalore is something one would want to accept on a Monday … or any day for that matter. The festival is on as a part of the lunch buffet at the all day dining restaurant ‘Feast’ located on the ground floor of the hotel, which features Indian, Continental and Oriental food stations through the week and quite lives up to its name with its wide spread array of offerings. On Sundays they have a brunch that showcases a larger spread.


At the Sheraton, they spare no effort in giving their guests a very true experience. Hence whenever they have had food festivals featuring Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and other such cuisines, their ingredients have been imported and their chefs have been invited from the country of origin. Likewise, for this Korean event, Chefs Link Chan Jae Chung and Shane Yun-Gi Hong have come Bangalore from the Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel and have successfully strived to bring us Korea on a plate … or several plates, with their authentic creations.

A refreshing, cinnamon flavored punch in a shot glass was offered to me as a welcome drink, though it was placed among the desserts.
I began the meal with a sampling of their Chicken Porridge, Bean Paste Soup, the Kongguksuk – cold noodle soup in soya milk and the Spicy noodle soup. Apart from the spicy noodle soup, which was not spicy by my tongue, the rest of the soups were very mild flavored and completely without spice. I did like them though, for their unusual flavors and strangely soothing mouth feel.

The delectable mini chicken pancakes, the kimchi pancakes and the vegetable pancakes were served as appetizers along with dimsums both in veg and chicken, which of course are always a staple favorite.

The Deep fried pork with sour soya sauce was delicious as was their Spicy chicken stew, one of the few spicy dishes that they had. The soya sauce beef stew was rather sweetish but the meat was very tender.
The Soft Tofu dish was the vegetarian offering along with a vegetarian version of Bibimbap which is rice mixed with chilli paste and soyabean paste along with vegetables.
The kimchi fried rice was a part of the live counter and though flavorful, it was the only dish that seemed a bit oily in comparison with the rest. The food is light on the stomach and does not leave one feeling unduly stuffed.

They are not big on desserts and the limited offerings consisted of a couple of versions of rice cakes that were coated in honey and sprinkled with sugar. Of course there is a sufficiently large array of the regular desserts which are a part of the buffet, so those with a sweet tooth need not fret.

The Korean menu changes everyday which is why I was unfortunate not to get to sample from their seafood dishes. But the advantage is that one can get to try out different dishes during the course of this festival, that has been going on since 13th Feb and will continue till 25th Feb. So get there within the next two days and if you are lucky you might get to eat a baby octopus !!!

Feb 20th,2015

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