Millets in Industrial Canteens-A Workshop – OMITF2019

As a run up to the upcoming Organics Millets International Trade Fair 2018 (OMITF2019) scheduled for Jan 18th-20th, 2019, at the Bangalore Palace grounds, there are a series of related events that will take place at various locations.

A session to create create awareness about preparing innovative, cost effective millet products among industrial caterers, was one such event that was held at the Faculty of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS), Bangalore on 15th December, 2018.

The Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research Centre (NNRC),
Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), in association with The Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka (DOA GoK) and International Crops Research Institute for Semi – Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) were the organizers of this one day workshop.

The workshop included technical sessions and culinary demonstrations on millet products by experts in the field.

Millets being grains with numerous benefits, the DOA GOK is attempting to spread awareness among all sections of the population. Targeting corporate and industrial employees via the caterers is a great step in taking the idea up a notch and would result in making healthier choices available at the workplace.

Hence the purpose of this workshop was to educate them on the properties of millets and demonstrate exciting forms of preparing and serving these dishes.

As always, the Ramiah faculty had created the ideal setting for the session in their Seminar room, with innovative and appealing decor that included place mats that depicted the poster for the event, decorative bottles layered with various millets and vases with millet bunches and bouquets.

The day long event took place from 10 am to 4 pm, beginning with the welcome speech by Ms Priya Arjun, Head of the Food and Beverage Department NNRC, where she welcomed the guests and gave a brief talk on the purpose of the session.

The audience consisted of some of Bangalore’s top corporate caterers like Masterchef Catering Services, Rajpurohit caterers, Zenith Food Solutions etc.

Shri K Ramappa, Additional Director of Agriculture, Organic Farming, GoK, delivered the inaugural address.

The Presidential address was then delivered by Prof Govind Kadambi, acting Vice Chancellor, RUAS.

Ms. Hema Arvind, Chief Dietitian, Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, gave a presentation on the Nutritional Value of Millets.

This was followed by a 2 hour demonstration of various millet based creations.

Chef Shyam Prasad, NNRC, RUAS demonstrated breakfast items of Millet pancakes and Millet paddu.

Following this, was Chef Shashi Sharma who prepared snacks consisting of Pearl millet cottage cheese and spinach patty, Sorghum bulgur kibbeh and Nipattu.

Chef Sridhar Krishnan then baked up some delicious chocolate nut muffins and Chocolate orange brownies.

The cookery sessions were followed by a presentation by Ms. Jayanthi and Dr Meghana of My Thali – Arogya World where they spoke about the ideal contents of a balanced meal for Indian men and women and how millets could be used to replace some of the rice and wheat based carbohydrates.

The My Thali team also made it interesting with a few quiz questions asking for audience meal suggestions and goodie bags were given out to those who came up with innovative ideas.

There was a break in the proceedings to enjoy the delicious millet based lunch consisting of Jowar roti, Ragi roti, a vegetable gravy, Foxtail biryani and millet halwa.

The post lunch session was a Panel Discussion on the Benefits of including Millets at Workplaces.

The panelists consisted of Ms Jyotsna Pattabiraman of Grow Fit, an organization that supplies healthy meals and snacks, Shri Maheshwar Rao – Principal Secretary, Dr Meghana of My Thali and Ms Deepti Tripathi of Akshayapatra. The panelists shared their experiences of successfully implementing millet meals on a large scale and assured the audience that this was a feasible project.

After the discussion, some of the caterers put forth their questions and apprehensions regarding the practicality of introducing millets in their canteens. They were assured that assistance by way of advice, would be given to the extent possible, by the DOA and also from NNRC, in order to enable them to attempt to implement this idea.

To end the proceedings on a sweet note, there was a final demonstration on Indian Sweets by Chef Manish Kumar Khorwal of
NNRC, RUAS, where he prepared Lavang latika and Pearl millet burfi.

The event ended with the hope that the message had found its mark and that the caterers would incorporate these millet based suggestions in their canteens.


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