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The Ministry of Pizza (MOP) in Koramangala is just a few months old but it has located the pulse of the place and is already throbbing with activity.
Serving Pizzas of course, they also have a selection of salads, pastas, burgers, freak shakes and desserts. And oh there is beer … Pizza and beer should pretty much do it right ?

The ambience is charming with much use of wood, stone and brick and a coconut tree thrown in for good measure πŸ˜€ The logo is an appealing wreath of olive twigs secured with a sprig of cherry tomatoes.

A little wooden gate at the entrance, leads to the outdoor seating area which also has the Make your own Pizza counter which is a great draw among kids.

One can also opt to sit inside if one wants to have a quieter time.
The place seems compact but can accommodate around 60 people.

The innovative wall decor in the inner area is made up of rows of pizza boxes that bear graffiti to entertain you as you await your order. Of the many interesting messages, I picked my favorite that said – Who needs a boyfriend when there is WiFi … which was a welcome change from the usual – Who needs a Wife when there is WiFi πŸ˜€

I was invited to MOP by my friend the good Chef Manivel who of course (as all my good friends do) started me off with Bacon wrapped prawns that bacon’ed enticingly from their skewers. Served with a dip and some greens for the conscience, these are one of their signature starters.

Mozzarella crumb fried, followed up with its ‘melty’ goodness and then we went on to sample the new garlic bread that they will shortly be introducing on the menu. Bearing sundried tomatoes and rocket leaves, it was also topped with a delightful mozzarella cheese so stringy that it stretched a trail all the way to the mouth πŸ˜€

Predictably, I also opted for the Bacon and prawn pizza and my vegetarian companion had the Ricotta, avocado and sun dried tomato, which is an interesting option for avocado lovers. One can have a choice of crusts and we took the thin chewy crust that was charred just right.

My companion also indulged in the Penne with cream sauce and I did likewise with the desserts as I fell prey to the decadent Caramel cheesecake and the Kahlua chocolate mousse. After all one must live for the moment right … kya patha Kahlua ho na ho ?

Go to MOP if you are in the mood for some good pizzas instead of MOPing around here reading my stories !!!

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