Movenpick Ice Creams

*Edit – This place does not exist anymore*

If ice cream makes you emotional, then here are some Movin’Pics for you 

I was invited to take my pick of the finest ice creams that come all the way to us from Switzerland. 

These are all natural and additive free, undoubtedly excellent in quality and served in a swanky parlor that is done up in classy Blacks, Reds and Whites.
Well maintained and with serving staff that knows their job, this is certainly the cream of ice creams in Bangalore.

While I was happy to note that they have fatless sorbets too, I did feel that all the variants were overly sweet and could have done with far less sugar

My favorites were the Coconut chocolate with slivers of toasted coconut and fine chocolate and the Stracciatella, with Swiss cream embedded with crunchy chocolate bits. These were creamy, dreamy and less sugary than the rest.

They also have Waffles and pancakes that went well with their accompanying ice creams. The Sundaes had a choice of fresh fruit, that played a tiny role in assuaging the conscience 
For those who would like a beverage, they have Coffee and Soda floats, which they can customize as per taste.
Their take away tubs are available for those who want to indulge in the privacy of their homes as they wrestle with the dilemma … Tub’by or not Tub’by 

Good things come at a price and sometimes the price is pretty steep  and hence my personal opinion is that these goodies might probably not be popular among those who are looking for affordable options.

With the advantage they have in using the best ingredients from the world over, it would be great if they would also create sugar free variants and those with alternate natural sweeteners like jaggery, palm sugar, unprocessed sugar and such.

Until then, this is an indulgence for those who can afford the treat … in more ways than one.

For more pictures see My Facebook – Movenpick Ice Creams

Oct 2nd, 2016

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