Made in Punjab

*This place does not exist anymore. It has transformed into BBQD*

Update – Aug 2018 – It is now called MIP by BBQ’D

Made in Punjab – had in Bangalore


All my Baksas are packed, I’m ready to go !!!

This is not an advertisement for luggage, travel, fake mustache or even ‘Shade’ 
This is an invite to Bangalore’s newest baby, Made in Punjab, a restaurant by Dildeep and Zorawar Kalra.
So get on board and bring your empty boxes … I assume they are going to return them filled 
Getting the urge to dine on Punjabi cuisine ? Stay right here in Bangalore … kyunki Punjab abhi dur nahin !!!


Mauj/Masti/Maza In Plenty ? Well that’s what MIP stands for, as Massive Restaurants unleash their newest entrant, Made In Punjab, in the happening environs of UB City.
I was invited to their launch party complete with drummers and folk music, where the several Dhol moments ensured that there was never a Dull moment and the specially chosen starters and cocktails, made sure that we were entertained in true blue (or multi hued) Punjabi style hospitality.

I was subsequently called to a tasting of a few more items from their menu and though they have a very interesting and value for money buffet, their A la carte fare certainly warrants a try.

The paneer came highly recommended, so we tried the tandoor roasted, cream marinated, Paneer Barrel Tikka. I am not a paneer fan and Carol really cannot deal with Barrel sized food  , for I found the pieces quite large. However the texture was faultless and the soft, creamy melt in the mouth tikkas will find takers for sure, among cottage cheese lovers.

We then had the LOL tikkis which are patties made from slow cooked leg of lamb blended with bone marrow and where the LOL stands for Lots of Love. Well that’s exactly what one wants to shower on the chef while tasting this divine creation, while resisting the urge to pat him on the head and say Jiyo mere LOL !!!

Of course no menu can pass me by without my saying Meinu chahida to the prawns (in my fake punjabi) and this ensured that the Chilly yogurt marinated King prawns, called Gabbar prawns, made their way to my plate. Perfect in every way, I actually indulged in more than one, without bothering to count the number of people who were to be served at my table. One does not ask – Kithney aadmi thay ? when it comes to Gabbar prawns 

After this we chomped on the Legacy Tandoori Champ, the braised lamb chops with tender spiced meat falling off the bone.

For the mains, the chef urged us to try the Pindi Choley and we found this to be as authentic as in Rawalpindi … er ok I have never been there, so lets say Delhi instead … and if one were to sing to the Cook cook cook, asking Choley ke peeche kya hai ? … in a bid to learn the secret, he would tell you that its because the Chickpeas themselves are imported from the North !!!

And fiNalli we tasted the Nalli Hardcore (that’s what it sounded like to me), which is ironically named, considering that it actually contains the Softcore  , with the bone marrow filled lamb shanks slow cooked in a creamy dreamy gravy that one could just lick up on its own, even without the accompanying breads … breads which were actually quite good, with the warm flaky naans and soft parathas that amenably mopped up the sauce.

Despite not usually being able to handle heavy Indian sweets, I do have a soft corner for Rasmalai and Rasgulla (ok I don’t know the politically correct spelling) and the version here, the absolutely delectable Date rasmalai and Mango rasogolla, definitely found their way to that corner in me !!!
A(nother) moment of weakness tempted me to go for the Stuffed Gabbar Gulab Jamun with its chocolatey insides, that did leave me feeling like a … yes stuffed Gabbar, delicious as it was !!!

Made in Punjab serves food that is closer to the traditional versions. A trend that is harder to find in these times of Food with a twist. Of course there is place for all types of cuisines in this city and I am open to all twists and turns  But sometimes the heart and tummy do long for the tried and known and this place gives you what you are seeking.
At the end of that meal, this South Indian truly felt like a Maid(en) in Punjab !!!

For more pictures see My Facebook – Made in Punjab 

Oct 3rd, 2016

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