NH7 Refuel – Highway Restaurant

How do you like your freedom? Well I like it with a dash of Sarson ka saag and Makai di roti please.

When Carol cannot go to the Highway, then the Highway comes to Carol … old jungle saying.

Well as we all know, life has changed drastically in the last few months and there is really not much to smile about (hence the lame jokes 😎)

For someone like me, whose wheels and wings have been retracted and folded away, the highway seems like a distant dream.

Well apparently the outdoors misses me as much as I miss it, for it visited me in the form of a delicious and rustic Dhaba’esque spread, so evocative of all that fresh air and smoky flavor (ignore the oxymoronic sentence) that I have been missing in the sourdough laden atmosphere of my 4 walls at home.

NH7 Refuel is a fine dine restaurant on … guess where 😀 … the NH7 highway (but of course). This is near Devanahalli a mere 10 minute drive from the airport and though I have not had the pleasure of visiting it ever, this package that arrived for me via my friend Sheetal C, made me research it further.

The Restaurant –

The place is owned by Kshitij Puranik.

They have a huge 10,000 sq feet space with both indoor and outdoor dining and can accommodate a whopping 200 diners. Their menu indicates that one can have a hearty North Indian meal or pick a pizza or sandwich or dosa etc from their snacks menu. Yes one can also have Chinese because our version has the ‘Indo’ prefixed and that makes it ok 😏😎

It is exciting to note that their wood fired oven is in the process of getting ready and their pizzas are going to up by several notches.

The place seems to be an ideal getaway for families, groups of friends and just about anyone who wants to escape from the urban crowds (that seem to fearlessly mill around despite the threat of corona and earnest pleas from the authorities).

They also have frequent customer engagement programs like workshops, music performances, live singing, chef specials on weekends and a whole bunch of interesting activities.

The large area makes it most conducive to ensuring social distancing and the place provides a really safe and fun way to get back to what we are yearning for … thodi si azaadi please?

The following pictures of the restaurant are their official ones and I am using them since I have yet to visit them and click my own. The food pictures however, are mine and so is the video 😀

My home delivered meal –

Well to get back to my goodies, my meal consisted of the very home style Makki di roti and Sarson ka saag which I had not had for several months and hence was quite a treat.

But wait, let me not jump over the starters.

A tender and perfectly done Achari chicken tikka for me and Veg seekh kababs for my vegetarian family were the first to be demolished, accompanied by mint chutney.

A creamy Dal Makhani and buttery Paneer tikka masala with Butter kulchas that had obligingly remained soft despite their long journey to my house in the heart of the city and also a fragrant long grained mushroom biryani and raitha, made up the rest of the meal.

The spread was topped off by a very delicious Gajar ka halwa, which was most moderately sweetened and not overly laden with fats … just the way my conscience and I like it!!!

Thank you Sheetal for sending this lovely spread and thank you Kshitij for giving us ‘prisoners’ a chance to spread our wings.



NH7 Refuel follows safety protocols like maintaining body temperature checks of their staff, use of masks, sanitization and safe and environment friendly packaging. They are open for take away and home delivery too but the real Mazaa lies in going there no?

And rest assured, they have a contactless dining feature, they maintain social distancing of tables and of course the fresh air is a part of the package 😀

So what are you waiting for? Go Refuel your body and spirits at NH7 Refuel and let me know how you enjoy the taste of freedom coupled with whatever you choose from their substantial menu.

I know I will definitely be visiting them soon.

Contact details –

Website of NH 7 Refuel 

Phone – + 91 9945243000

Aug 5th, 2020

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