Rajdhani – Mango festival 2017

And the aam’nual event is back with Rajdhani’s mango based thali … with aam’ple dishes and also potential to pun, at the Aamlicious – Mango food festival 2017.

Enjoyed the Aam ki launji, liked the aam muthia, noticed the lone Mallu dish sneaked into the Gujarati thali  drank the aam panna, liked the fully loaded aam jalebi and found the aamrakhand rather too sweet.
We were served all their mango based dishes in one go, since it was an invite to sample the range but diners will have a few of the mango dishes in rotation, at each meal.

Oh yes and as always, they never send us away empty handed, so each of us went back richer by a hAam’per of mangoes, candy and jam !!!

And please dont miss the picture of the girls, pretending that we have been crowned Miss Aamlicious … delusional as we may be 


Btw I also got my 2 bits of fame on their poster 😀

Now let me go back to my Aam chair and take a nap !!!

For more pictures see My Facebook – Rajdhani-Aamlicious2017

Apr 12th,2017

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